Puerto Rico: Misconceptions, Ignorance, and Devastation

Following the devastation of hurricane Maria, there has sadly been a great deal of ignorance from my fellow Americans in regards to Puerto Rico. From President Trump seemingly ignoring their needs, to general public misconceptions, and even outright racism, I feel a compulsion to offer a basic educational understanding of Puerto Rico and its people. A people who are as unique culturally as they are politically.

To begin with, Puerto Rico is not a foreign country, it is a territory of the US. This means Puerto Ricans are US Citizens. They pay taxes, they vote, they can legally own property and firearms, they serve in our military, and they can come to the States without a passport. It is also not a single island, there is one very large island with several hundred smaller islands. Some of those smaller islands are naval bases and thus remain off limits to civilians. Others have vibrant communities that serve as tourist attractions, and some are uninhabited nature preserves with the exception of the occasional scientific research teams.

These are not foreigners who are suffering, these are our fellow Americans. Simply because Puerto Ricans are of a darker complexion does not make them undocumented immigrants despite the inane rantings of right-wing radio extremists. While it is true that Spanish is their primary language, most Puerto Ricans are also equally fluent in English, with businesses and street signs  often displaying both. It is an easy place for English-speaking visitors to navigate, as well as move to (at least for for American citizens). In fact, there have been Caucasians living in Puerto Rico for centuries, as well as Africans. The Caribbean remains one of the most integrated regions in the world, and Puerto Rico is no exception.

Unfortunately all of this often gets overlooked in the media. Most Americans tend to see Puerto Rico as being little more than a vacation destination, a sort of East Coast version of Hawaii but with Latinos instead of Polynesians. Rarely do they take the time to look beyond the resorts and overpriced bars that dot the tropical beaches, if they did they would discover a group of proud American citizens who give more to their country than they receive.

The economy of Puerto Rico happens to have a great deal of wealth, however because it is a territory and not a state, it receives very little in Federal resources. What results is a system without stability, and a harsh fiscal divide between the well-off and the impoverished. Unlike here in the States where taxes go to fund programs that the needy can rely upon, Puerto Ricans do not have as much access to these sustaining services. They are severely underfunded, and when people in need are unable to receive their needs, crime begins to breed. Indeed, some parts of Peurto Rico have living standards equivalent to that of a third-world country, while others are that of Beverly Hills or downtown Manhattan. There is little middle-ground between the two, and little that is being done to improve upon the situation.

Of course much of this could be fixed via Puerto Rico becoming a state. However such a process is sadly ignored by the Government despite Puerto Ricans having voted in favor of statehood in the past (although they have also voted against it as well). Votes are not enough for a territory to achieve state-status, it ultimately requires Congress to decide via a bipartisan vote. Given the current nature of partisan division, with the Democrats having a Center-Left to Left platform and the GOP having a nearly solid Far-Right one, any chances of bipartisanship agreement on any issue, let alone statehood of a US territory, is slim to none.

Generally speaking, some Democrats have expressed views in favor of statehood while Republicans have expressed disapproval. The reasons cited by Democrats is, of course, the fact that Puerto Ricans pay taxes but receive little in return as farvas services go. They also emphasise its location which would serve as a second international trade port for American interests in Latin America. As of now, Miami, Florida is the only international port city that has a wealthy trade influence with Latin America. Having a second major port would greatly benefit our revenue in this regard.

Republicans however cite the possibility if Puerto Rico becoming another “blue state” as reasons against statehood. As well as the cost of resources to fund programs, which they argue would raise taxation. While these arguments may sound compelling to many Americans, the fact is that the former is pure conjecture, and the latter is simply false.

When it comes to “Blue States vs Red States,” there isn’t really a whole lot to go on simply because there are no actual “blue” or “red” states. There are blue areas and red areas in all states, with the ruling party being the one who decides which areas are worth more than others via their district drawings. For example, Texas is considered a deep red state with heavy conservative values, and California is considered a deep blue state steeped in vast liberalism. Yet in reality there are many solid liberal areas of Texas such as Austin and Dallas (as well as the Southwest portion of the state), and there are many hardline conservative aress in California such as Orange County, San Diego, and the Inland Empire.

All of these areas consist of hundreds of thousands of voters, with about half of Californians voting for Trump and a littke over 40% of Texans voting for Clinton. The percentages would be more of a toss up if the voting districts were drawn fairly, with the liberal and conservative areas being given equal value. This however is never going to happen, as each party is motivated of course by their own interests, and controlling those interests in their favor. The only solution to such an issue would be to either abolish or scale-down the electoral college system. That however is a rabbit-hole discussion for another time.

With this knowledge now presented, how can one assume which way Puerto Rico would lean? It certainly would have its liberal and conservative areas just like any other state, and while many of the lower-income Puerto Ricans would no doubt be in favor of Left-Wing fiscal policies, its wealthier and business-class inhabitants would more likely be in favor of Right-Wing economic policies. On Social Issues it would be a likely toss-up, with Puerto Ricans being predominately Catholic and thus less likely to favor liberal policies on abortion and LGBT-equality. However, because it has a huge influx of cultural diversity, Puerto Rico could very well be in favor of socially  liberal legislation, at least moderately so. Especially considering the large numbers of young state-side Americans who have moved there over recent years.

This ultimately places Puerto Rico in a position that would cause both Democrats and Republicans to fight over, leading to the formation of a swing state. Which is actually beneficial to our electoral process as it prevents either party from rigging voting districts within their favor. When this occurs, political parties actually have to compete for votes. Forcing them to constantly listen to the needs of the communities they seek so desperately to win. Political competition, as opposed to rigged partisan monopolie, is a good thing.
This brings us to the tax-burden argument. While Puerto Rican statehood would no doubt increase our level of Federal spending, it would also increase our revenue, likely reducing the overall deficit. If impoverished areas can receive the programs that the people are paying into but not receiving, quality of life would improve. Causing those areas to stabilize. With local economic stability comes the opportunity for businesses and industries to flourish in those areas. They would pay taxes no doubt, as would the people employed by them (a broke and unemployed population cannot pay taxes, afterall). Thus giving an overall increase to Federal resources.

Regardless, the fact remains that Puerto Ricans as of now are essentially being subjugated to taxation without representation. Which is in fact unconstitutional for all intents and purposes. Yet because the Constitution “technically” only applies to states and not territories, this unethical practice is allowed.despite Puerto Ricans being US citizens. As such, they deserve to be treated as US citizens.

It is wrong for our media to portay some of our citizens as more “American” than others. It is wrong for our general population to deliberately remain ignorant about the needs of our other citizens. Even more so, it is wrong for our Government to not treat all US citizens equally. Puerto Ricans are US citizens, and they deserve to be treated as US citizens. Nothing more, nothing less.

© – J.Adam Snyder

Whisper In The Garden

“Whispers In The Garden” – J.Adam Snyder


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin


Glide your hands gently

Across the marble stone

Touch the vine so softly

Careful not to moan


A serpent he is sleeping

Dreaming the sun away

Wake him from his slumber

And he’ll tempt your flesh to play


Let his kiss caress you

Feel the heat from his hiss

Your daddy may not like it

If his Eve experienced bliss


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin


Let me paint your canvas

In slithering ecstasy

Taste the fruit from your thighs

Under the forbidden tree


Bite into the apple

Taste the chemistry

Lick the juice from your lips

With a flick so heavenly


Bathe in the waters of rapture

Be anointed on your knees

Baptize your soul in pleasure

And emerge as Aphrodite


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin


There’s a whisper in the garden

I can feel it in the trees

Take my hand and fall with me

Into the land of endless sin

© – J.Adam Snyder 

Healing Scars

“Healing Scars” – J.Adam Snyder


There is beauty within all seasons

From the kiss of snow upon a forest floor

To the glistening caress of summer dawning over the ocean’s roar

From the rapturous tears of spring upon the flower

To the dancing orange and red bliss of Autumn’s hour

There is beauty within all seasons


There is light within all darkness

From the stars in the celestial shining with every breath

To the mystic moon singing the world to rest

From an owl piercing through a sky of gloom

To lovers burning the night away in romantic bloom

There is light within all darkness


There is music within all silence

From the whispers of the wind across the grass

To the drumming of the rain against the glass

From the chorus of the dove soaring in delight

To the violin of passion playing in the sunlight

There is music within all silence


There is creation within all destruction

From a butterfly breaking free from the cocoon

To the tree being axed to create a tranquil home of wood

From a new birth taking the place of another’s passing

To the waking of Sol upon Luna’s napping

There is creation within all destruction


There is hope within all fear

From the warmth of a fire in the winter

To the furry embrace of a pet who missed you with a whimper

From the infant rose smiling through the soil

To the laughter of friendship washing away the mundane toil

There is hope within all fear


There is strength within all pain

From climbing to see the majesty atop the mountain

To a stream cutting through a boulder’s oppression

From the fox outwitting his sadistic human hunter

To the roots of the oak withstanding all storms and thunder

There is strength within all pain


There is love within all conflict

From the mother wolf howling to protect her cubs

To the honey bee gathering nectar from the shrub

From a peaceful march against the unjust

To the emerald painting of nature rising from the canvas of dust

There is love within all conflict


There is healing within all scars

From an arrow in the soul from a past lover

To a life lesson being discovered

From a nation standing in unity against violence and corruption

To a seed being planted for reconstruction

There is healing within all scars

© – J.Adam Snyder 

A Millennial’s Response to Baby Boomers

  “A Millineal’s Response to Baby Boomers” – J.Adam Snyder

The older generation needs to stop judging my generation for our lack of economic prosperity, as they are the one’s who fucked it up for us in the first place. Back “in their day,” the dollar had for more value and decent paying jobs were in abundance. Inflation was at at an all-time low, making the cost-of-living easily affordable. Even a couple earning two minimum wage incomes could purchase a full-sized home in their early 20’s.

Today however, inflation and the cost-of-living continue to increase while the value of the dollar continues to decrease, creating what is essentially an endless recession that we can never truly recover from unless a drastic change is made. Millennials are not lazy, in fact social data has revealed us to be the most hardworking and innovative generation in America, as well as the most tolerant and world-aware. To give an example, many millennials work 40+ hours a week (along with attending college) and still require affordable housing and food stamps to survive (unless one wishes to live in a rural setting with no jobs for miles) .This isn’t taking into account the lack of healthcare that millineals face, it is beyond ridiculous to expect us to acquire it when it is beyond our capacity to afford it. College debt is also a contribution, as even base minimum wage jobs have become more difficult to find (with many college students being forced to take such jobs as higher paying careers simply do not exist at the time being).

Another point that Baby Boomers seem to be unaware of is the issue of mental health. Mental illness has only recently been given serious understanding and brought to the forefront of our culture, which for many in the older generation means that mental illness is not a “real” illness in their eyes. For them, the only true illnesses and disabilities are the physical ones, anything else such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, ADHD, OCD, SAD, PTSD etc…., are simply “all in one’s head” and something that a person can easily “snap out of” if they chose to. It is this line if thinking that prevents those who have mental illnesses from being able to receive the care they need, which when left untreated, leads to more severe mental health issues such as suicide.
The reality is that millineals are simply trying to do our best in the shit that we have inherited from the Baby Boomers, who destroyed our chance at prosperity by wasting countless money and lives in Vietnam and Iraq (among oppressive trade legislations and unregulated Capitalism). The result today is that a small group of Government legislators and Corporate executives control the vast majority of wealth in our nation (commonly referred to as the 1% or 2%). This is a group that the Baby Boomers helped give rise to, and now their children and grandchildren have to drown in the consequences.

There is a reason why Bernie Sanders resonated so deeply with millineals. The system has failed, it (like the views of the Baby Boomers) is outdated and no longer reliable. It needs not reform, but an entire new system in its place. Millineals in other 1st world nations are living considerably more prosperous and quality lives than millineals in the US. This goes for their older generation as well.

The reason? Democratic Socialism. While the taxation is higher, the economic gap is less drastic, with more social services  (including healthcare and college) being adequately provided to the population. This in addition to higher wages that counteract inflation, creates a civilization where the control of the 1% doesn’t exist, allowing full prosperity for all. The populations of every other 1st world nation generally live longer, are better educated, and enjoy a higher quality of life than their US counterparts.
However, the beast that the American Baby Boomers have created is now rearing its ugly head and beginning to bite the hands of those who fed it. Due to the oppressive fiscal system for millineals, Social Security is now on the edge of bankruptcy and its only a matter of time before it collapses entirely unless drastic changes are made. Social Security only works because it is funded by the next generation that pays into it, given the lack of economic prosperity and opportunities for millineals, nobody is paying into it which means the older generation will be retiring into poverty, if they are able to retire at all as some legislators are considering raising the retirement age in a last desperate effort to save Social Security.
It is therefore vital for the older generation to understand millineals and the struggles that we are facing today, instead of falsely judging us and assuming that the world is still the same as what was for them. If they wish to survive from being burned by the fire that they ignited, they will need to learn to work with us. Otherwise, America will eventually collapse into a 3rd-world economy, burying the American Dream for good.

© – J.Adam Snyder 

Understanding The Seven Hermetic Principles

“Understanding The Seven Hermetic Principles”– J.Adam Snyder

Among all the esoteric teachings of the world, Hermeticism is universally accepted and praised. It is as much of a science as it is a religion, as spiritual as it is philosophical, as much of an art as it is a law. Hermeticism transcends all history and encompasses all faiths, leading many to the conclusion that it is the world’s original spiritual practice that all other faiths arouse from. While the exact genesis of Hermeticism may be difficult to trace, numerous historical sources indicate that it was being taught and practiced among the earliest civilizations of mankind. In particular, ancient Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia, with small traces of Hermeticism even being found in ancient China.

For the uninitiated, Hermeticism is a mystical philosophy and religion that has been contributed to the teachings of an ancient sage named  Hermes Trismegistus. Whether or not Hermes actually existed is still open for debate. Some scholars hold the opinion of Hermes being purely a symbolic allegory of enlightened man, contrived by the earliest leaders of the ancient faiths as an example of what humans should aspire to. Others hold that Hermes did exist but had his life exaggerated overtime by his followers. One possible historical clue lies in the name of Hermes Trismegistus himself, which appears to be a synchronized congruence of the Greek deity Hermes, and the Egyptian deity Thoth as evidenced by Thoth being referred to by his worshipers as the “Thrice Great,” which would have been adapted into ancient Greek as the name “Trismegistus.”

Regardless of the actual origin of Hermes, the important understanding lies within his teachings, which according to legend, were divinely inscribed upon ancient slabs called the Emerald Tablets. While the Emerald Tablets themselves have never been found (if they even literally existed in the first place), it is known that other ancient cultures had non-emerald tablets with virtually the same teachings. Most notably, the Smaragdine Table and the Kitab sirr al-haliqi (Book of the Secret of Creation and the Art of Nature) found in early Arabia. Nevertheless, the exact origin of the Emerald Tablets of Hermes, much like The Ten Commandments of Moses, remain unknown. However, much like The Ten Commandments, the physical existence of the Emerald Tablets (or lack thereof) does not undermine their spiritual teachings.

Below are the Seven Principles of Hermeticism as laid out by the Emerald Tablets, with additional quoted texts from the anonymously authored and published Rosicrucian book, The Kybalion. My detailed explanations of the esoteric teachings follow after.

The Seven Hermetic Principles

“The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, 
understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open.”-The Kybalion

 1. The Principle of Mentalism
“THE ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.” – The Kybalion

The first and foremost Hermetic teaching details the nature of God and the Universe (as well as other planes of existence). Essentially, God is within all, and of all. In other words, God is literally “The All” and is both fully unknowable in logic yet is also fully knowable in spirit. The All is infinite and alive, immortal without beginning or ending. It is an eternal ocean of divine consciousness that created all light, matter, and life. While The All is purely benevolent, it remains impossible to truly describe in language, leading to a unification of both theistic and pantheistic theology. Ultimately, Hermeticism teaches that God cannot be explained, only experienced.

2. The Principle of Correspondence
“As above, so below; as below so above.” – The Kybalion

The phrase “As Above, So Below” is a pillar teaching among all occult communities. In vague terms, it describes virtually everything about the workings of the Universe and beyond. In more specific terms, it teaches that everything which originates from within ourselves, including our very thoughts and consciousness, is a form of subatomic energy and matter. This is of The Below, and it carries outward into the physical world of The Above. Everything that occurs in The Above has an effect on The Below, and vice versa. Furthermore, Hermeticism teaches about three primary planes of existence that all seem to be separated, but are all in fact existing together and deeply connected at the same time. These three primary planes of existence are The Physical, The Mental, and The Spiritual.

3. The Principle of Vibration
“Nothing is at rest; everything moves; everything vibrates.”- The Kybalion

The Principle of Vibration is in many ways similar to what contemporary physicists have come to call The String Theory (impressive considering how far Hermeticism predates modern science). Everything in the Universe from the largest planets to the smallest amounts of energy and matter, are vibrating at some level of frequency across the three primary planes of existence (The Physical, The Mental, and The Spiritual). Hermeticism teaches its adherents that as one raises their vibrations, the more they grow in divinity  and consciousness, eventually transcending and becoming The All.

4. The Principle of Polarity
“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”- The Kybalion

This Hermetic Principle teaches that everything is connected, even things that appear to be opposites. Hot and cold may seem entirely different, yet they are both in fact the same  with the only fundamental separation between them is the temperature. Tranquility and anger are both different, yet are at the same time both emotions and mental states. Birth and death appear to have no connection, yet they both belong to life. It is similar to the Yin-Yang philosophy found in ancient China and other eastern cultures. For the Hermeticist, the spiritual lesson is to understand that one cannot fully overcome evil until they come to recognize that evil exists on the same scale as good. Teaching that one can only truly overcome evil in the world by overcoming the evil that also exists within themselves, which is not possible until one recognizes its existence. This also applies with The Principle of Correspondence, as everything has a “High” or a “Low” action and vibration.

5. The Principle of Rhythm
“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”- The Kybalion

In essence, everything is in motion to some measurable degree, and the stronger a motion the equally stronger the counter-motion. In many ways, it can also be described as the Hindu teaching of Karma; as in what goes around comes around. Energy that is released will eventually find its way back to its source. Seasons change from Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, but they always return again in a cycle. The teaching is to be aware of one’s thoughts and actions, that nothing in life is static. What you send out will produce an endless ripple effect beyond one’s intended consequences. A lesson for the practicing occultist when it comes to applying their Will.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect
“Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to Law. Chance is but a name for Law not recognized. There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”- The Kybalion

All actions have a reaction, every occurrence is a result of a cause. What may seem like a random coincidence is in fact not a random coincidence at all, but was set in motion by a series of seemingly unrelated but connected events. Every occultist will come to the understanding that their thoughts are power, and while they cannot control every thought that enters their mind, they can choose what thoughts to accept, reject, or focus on. All actions originate as thoughts, The Mental plane, which then become manifested in the form of actions, The Physical plane, and finally carried on into The Spiritual plane. To master one’s thoughts is to master the law of cause-and-effect.

7. The Principle of Gender
“Gender is in everything; everything has its masculine and feminine principles; gender manifests on all planes.”- The Kybalion

According to Hermetic theology, God is as much a female as a male. As much a mother as a father. As much the soil as the rain. Therefore, everything in the Universe has, or is, a representation of both male and female attributes. Gender on The Physical plane relates to the left and right hemispheres in The Mental plane, and symbolized as the sun and the moon on The Spiritual plane. One cannot truly become whole in consciousnesses until they are willing to recognize and learn from both their masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) aspects.

If one is interested in studying Hermeticism, I would recommend reading The Kybalion itself as a starting point. It goes into further in-depth explanations and offers a wealth of spiritual knowledge. In addition, there have been various renditions of the Emerald Tablets that are worth researching such as Isaac Newton and John Dee’s accounts on the subject.


© – J.Adam Snyder

Judaism: The Survival of The Egyptian Priesthood

“Judaism: The Survival of The Egyptian Priesthood” – J.Adam Snyder

Despite the polytheism of ancient Egypt, the Priesthood was actually monotheistic. The Priesthood of Egypt constituted a belief in one Supreme God who was without image, however the masses found such a concept to be impossible for them to understand. This was especially the case as the vast majority the population was illiterate at the time.

In response, the Priesthood created physical representations and mythological poems to help teach the various spiritual aspects of the one Supreme God. As the ages passed however, the masses (including the Pharoah) started mistaking these physical images and fables as being literal gods themselves. This created the first esoteric divide, with the small Priesthood knowing the true meaning of the symbols and the ignorant blindly worshipping such symbols as divine idols.
It also lead to the slow downfall of Egyptian prosperity, as what was once benevolent spiritual wisdom became a dogmatic organized religion by the masses, with the Pharoah arrogantly believing himself to be a god. The original Priesthood did not have the political power to prevent this corruption, and were forced to keep the truth hidden for its own protection by establishing a deeply mystical system invoked in symbolism. Among the many similarities between Judaism and ancient Egypt, perhaps the greatest similarity involves the Ten Commandments found in the Book of Exodus within the Torah, and the commandments found within the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

“Exodus 20-14
1 – I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of slavery.

2 – You shall not recognize other gods before Me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.

3 – You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain.

4 – Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work, you or your son or your daughter, your male or your female servant, your animal or your stranger within your gates.

5 – Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you.

6 – You shall not murder.

7 – You shall not commit adultery.

8 – You shall not steal.

9 – You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

10 – You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife or his male servant or his female servant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”
Compare this to the commandments found within the Book of the Dead that an Egyptian was expected to keep within his lifetime in order to be judged righteously by Anubis in the Underworld:

Hail to thee, great God, Lord of the Two Truths. I have come unto thee, my Lord, that thou mayest bring me to see thy beauty. I know thee, I know thy name, I know the names of God who are with thee in this broad hall of the Two Truths . . . Behold, I am come unto thee. I have brought thee truth; I have done away with sin for thee. I have not sinned against anyone. I have not mistreated people. I have not done evil instead of righteousness . . .

1 – I have not reviled the God.

2 – I have not laid violent hands on an orphan.

3 – I have not done what the God abominates .

4 – I have not killed; I have not turned anyone over to a killer. 

5 – I have not caused anyone’s suffering . . . I have not copulated (illicitly); I have not been unchaste.

6 – I have not increased nor diminished the measure, I have not diminished the palm; I have not encroached upon the fields.

7 – I have not added to the balance weights; I have not tempered with the plumb bob of the balance.

8 – I have not taken milk from a child’s mouth; I have not driven small cattle from their herbage . . .

9 – I have not stopped the flow of water in its seasons; I have not built a dam against flowing water.

10 – I have not quenched a fire in its time . . .

11 – I have not kept cattle away from the God’s property.

12 – I have not blocked the God at his processions.”

This suggests some profound notions:
The first being evident that the ancient Jews did in fact live in ancient Egypt at some point in their history. The second being the story of Moses miraculously receiving the Ten Commandments via divine intervention on Mt. Sinai from God may not be an actual event at all (or at least, a greatly exaggerated one), but rather the ancient Jews took the Commandments found within the Egyptian Book of the Dead and adopted them within their culture, reforming its teachings to suit their own.

This makes even more sense if Moses was an actual historical figure (the debate is still out on that one), and if he was, the story of him being adopted by the Pharoah as that would imply he was raised within the Egyptian priesthood and took their spiritual teachings with him. The Book of the Dead is not the only aspect that Judaism shares with ancient Egypt. The phrase “Amen” originates from the Egyptian sun-deity, “Amun-Ra.” The Kabbalah (Jewish Magic and Mysticism) also shares many similarities to the ancient Egyptian Priesthood inner mystical teachings.

The Star of David, which did not originate from David, was from his successor Solomon. The Star is in fact the Key of Solomon, which is an ancient occultic symbol believed to conjure and control djin (spirits), which Solomon to construct his temple. This symbol can also be found among the Egyptian Priesthood. It is therefore conclusive to state that Judaism is the survival of the ancient Egyptian Priesthood religion, learned by Moses and taught to the Israelites who then adopted and reformed it as their own.

© – J.Adam Snyder

I  Love Her Ways

“I Love Her Ways” – J.Adam Snyder

I love the way she smiles at me

The way her lips curve at the side

As the sunlight paints her elegance

In sublime rapturous sight


I love the way she makes my heart sing

Dancing to her romantic beat

Feeling ecstatic in the heat

And making me yearn for more of her chemistry


I love the way she teases me

Flirtatious games that take me to a happy place

Sampling the sexual energy in the air

Tasting it upon your hot breath


I love the way her eyes sing at me

A bluish grey that glisten with such pristine

Drowning in there magic

And getting lost in their passion

I love the way she touches me

Her soft hands running across my skin

Grasping my hair in electric poetry

As I make her moan in a delightful symphony


I love the way she kisses me

Tasting the bliss that drips from her lips

How her tongue dances inside so freely

And the way she gets drunk from my ecstasy


Most of all though

I love the way she makes me happy

Like the sun kissing against the gloom

She’s my ray of light singing for the moon


©-J. Adam Snyder

Romancing The Tamed 

“Romancing The Tamed” – J.Adam Snyder

Her cerulean chemistry lured me into their abyss

As a look of fright and wonder beckoned me to her lips

She was young and inexperienced

Yearning to fly away on a sublime chariot


I was her first

Living her life imprisoned in her church

Wondering if she should take a bite

From the apple she was forbidden to like


I burned to make poetry to her naked canvas

To paint her soul in rapturous passions

I craved to see her liberated

To majestically soar infatuated


My touch firmly caressed her virgin curves

Like a sunrise mist engulfing the Earth

Her eyes drowning deeply into mine

Glistening like ocean waves under the moonlight


My sorcery was too great to resist

Her innocence too enticing to my bliss

Taking our hands, we went into the woods

And made art against the rapturous light of noon


The guilt made her feel alive

Instead of starved and deprived

The church would say she was deflowered

But she now felt empowered


To me she swore a sacred oath

She would never tell a living soul

They would shun her from the walls

And condemn me for her fall


They would not understand

Her decision to taste romance by a man

She was but a year from womanhood

Hoping to flee from the walls soon


Among nature is my home

Where all artists and outcasts rome

Here there is no oppression or judgment

Only absolute freedom and abundance


Within the woods for her do I wait

To find the courage to one day escape

For love was never meant to be safe

But to forever break the rules of the mundane

© – J.Adam Snyder

The Culture War on Women

“The Culture War on Women”– J.Adam Snyder

Our culture hates women. It has convinced an entire gender to feel inadequate and ashamed of their natural beauty through the use of anorexic and white racially biased propaganda. By doing so, our culture controls women. It takes away their ability to feel empowered, to feel confident, to feel strong, to feel independent.

The deleterious result is beautiful women being encouraged not only to commit slow suicide by starving themselves to death, but also being discouraged to make their own decisions (in terms of health, sex, fashion, and otherwise), to pursue their passions, and to be anything but submissive in a relationship. Your body is God’s ultimate work of living art, the epitome of visual poetry. You must cleanse your mind and soul of the body shaming propaganda you have been brainwashed into believing your entire life. Beauty comes in variety, and it is this uniqueness that makes us all truly enticing to the senses.

You have a right to feel sexy because you are. You have a right to be sexually empowered because it is the only way to be fully empowered. You have a right to feel beautiful because you are beautiful.

You have a right to make your own decisions because you are already an individual. You have the right to pursue your passions because you have a purpose. You have a right to instigate romances because you have a right to be romanced.

To believe anything less is to be guilty of self-abuse.

© – J.Adam Snyder 

Lonely Flies The Dove

“Lonely Flies The Dove” – J.Adam Snyder

Unrequited love
How lonely flies the dove
Bleeding the heart upon the canvas
In the hopes they will return the magic

The blaze may burn bright
Though only one carries the embers in the night
But feeling the heat of romance alone
Is better than a heart freezing to death in the cold

What is a life without a flame
But a prison of the mundane
What is a life without a symphony
But a barren echo of endless misery


What is a moon without the stars
But a celestial canvas without art
What is a dawn without the kiss
But a landscape of desolate mist

Love is like the rapturous rose
Singing its beauty out in vigorous bold
Rejection is like the bite of the thorn
The more you grasp it the more you morn

To love alone is not wrong
But loving yourself is the most strong
Do not let your heart perish in the rains
For bitterness shall your heart be forever chained

© – J.Adam Snyder

Fuck The NRA

“Fuck The NRA” – J.Adam Snyder

Anyone who is choosing to remain a member of the NRA after recent events is guilty of indirectly supporting domestic terrorism.

They fought against a bill that would have outlawed individuals who are on the No Fly list from being able to purchase high-capacity weaponry.

That is the equivalent of NAMBLA fighting against a bill that would outlaw sexual predators from being on school campuses.

Only in this case, the NRA won.

I am publicly revoking my honorary membership to the NRA at this moment and will not be renewing my membership upon its expiration. I am not against the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, I am against organizations that continue to abuse tragedies and violence for the sake of profit.

I want a solution, not more excuses. I want the hate to end, not to keep it alive for use against your political enemies. I want the violence to stop, not to blame others and decide to do nothing but “pray” about it.

I want to live in the America where I can walk the streets in safety.

I want to live in the America where I can attend the cinema without the fear of being crucified by a machine gun.

I want to live in the America where the children of my community can go to school without the dreadful possibility of having their innocent lives cut short by a lunatic with an assault weapon.

I want to live in the America where my homosexual neighbors can enjoy a night out with their friends and lovers without suffering the anxiety of having that night be their last.

I want to live in the America where people of all faiths can gather and worship in peace without being subjugated to the evil actions of a racist with an AR-15.

I want to live in the America where women can safely make their own healthcare decisions without the daunting threat of being violently punished and murdered by a religious fundamentalist.

I will not accept living in the America that chooses to accept such hate and violence as normal, and neither should anyone else.


© – J.Adam Snyder

Romancing The Moon

“Romancing The Moon”-J.Adam Snyder

As the dawn burns away
Within the mist she does play
Beguiling phantoms to her tune
Conjuring shadows to dance anew

A bleeding heart
Ripped from afar
A black vessel
Of scars and devils

From her tears come ravens
Soaring high into midnight temptations
Painting the sky in celestial cries
Blanketing the land in passionate fright


As the ravens kiss the clouds
They burn in starlit shrouds
Glowing in her broken despair
Engulfing the world in sorrow’s flare

To the moon does she weep
Yearning to awaken luna from her sleep
For her lover sailed across the glistening waves
Vowing to return when the full moon is ablaze

A living nightmare is her art
Eternally forgotten in the dark
Amidst the pale desolate grace
She finds romance in the moon’s embrace

© – J.Adam Snyder

The Hidden Rosicrucian History of Christ Conciousness

“The Hidden Rosicrucian History of Christ Conciousness” – J.Adam Snyder

The Rosicrucians evolved out of an ancient Jewish sect called the Essenes, the same Jewish sect that Jesus came from. The Essenes were unique among the established religions of their day; rejecting all forms of organized dogma, promoting egalitarianism among the genders, practicing Kabbalah  (Jewish Mysticism and Magick), and advocating for the abolishmemt of slavery. Perhaps chief among their differences however was their emphasis on separating religion from spiritualism, believing that God had both male and female aspects, and focusing on meditative practices and internal means of salvation as opposed to outwardly displays. In addition to also believing in reincarnation, the Essenes viewed gentiles, particularly the Romans, as being equally loved and valued by God just as much as the Jews. Regardless even if the gentiles were occupying their land at the time.

Today there are many clandestine groups claiming to be Rosicrucians, AMORC being among the most known. However such groups are entirely fradulent, for anyone who claims to be a Rosicrucian publicly is in fact not a Rosicrucian. The Rosicrucians are highly secretive and for good reasons (reasons I will elude to later). They do not publish pamphlets of material, they do not advertise, they do not charge fees, and when they do release information they do so with intense symbolism that only those who have been educated into the esoteric sciences will comprehend.

They meet, but not in the way one would think. They communicate, but not in the way one would assume. They influence, but not in the way one would expect.

The Rosicrucians have no desire to control the Earth or establish a “one world government” as so many conspiracy theorists falsely claim. No esoteric society has such a goal. Instead, the goal is to enlighten mankind by bringing them into a fundamental knowing and understanding of their inner divine nature, allowing humans as a whole to ascend into a higher state of consciousness, eliminating the need for governments almost entirely, thus establishing worldwide illumination of what is known in occultic societies as “Christ Conciousness.”

Rosicrucians remain secret not only due to their history of persecution, but also due to their knowledge of how to manipulate metaphysical energies, something that is profoundly dangerous in the wrong hands. As such, it is a science that must be protected and only practiced by those who seek enlightenment first, again aka “Christ Conciousness.” To understand the meaning of this term, it is important first to understand the history of what it is referring to.

Across many civilizations, the term used is different. For example in Hinduism there is an ascended state of Nirvana which occurs after one has exalted all negative karmic energies. Within Buddhism there is a similar belief in attaining Enlightenment, which sets the soul permanently free from required reincarnation as it has the soul no longer needs to learn in this realm.

Among the Jewish Kabbalah there are several stages of internal, spiritual developments one has to ascend through in order to reach the “crown,” thus becoming one like God. In the case of Christianity, this is commonly known as the Holy Spirit, though it is originally intended to be a deep spiritual process and not akin to the rather cheap, fruitless version mega-churches often speak of today to make quick converts. Islam has transcendentalism, as taught by the Islamic sage, poet, and philosopher Rumi.

In far Eastern faiths there is a belief in Chi, meaning “Breath” in Chinese, along with Chakras, roughly meaning “Energies Within.” The practitioners of this belief, particularly the followers of Taoism, taught that an individual can manipulate these internal energies and ascend into a higher and more powerful being. The ancient Gnostics held a belief in this practice as well, calling this internal spiritual process “Gnosis,” meaning literally “Knowledge” in Greek.

All these faiths hold to the same esoteric belief that mankind is not purely a physical creature. That we are primarily a spiritual being having a physical experience, and through the realization of this nature we can grow our souls, our consciousness, and eventually evolve into divinity. The Rosicrucians were instructed into this practice through the Kabbalah via their origins as Essene sages, and kept the practice safe throughout the western world for millennia.

It is vital to note that the Essenes commonly adopted gentiles into their group. While religiously the Essenes practiced Judaism, there were certainly many outside spiritual influences, this in addition made them not so homogeneous ethnically either. This diversity later allowed the sages of the Essenes, who were the only Jewish sect to believe Jesus was the Messiah, to easily flee execution from the Romans after the destruction of Solomon’s Temple.

These Essene sages then established themselves within ancient Germany, an area that was not entirely under Roman control, and created a secret society to protect these esoteric teachings. That society became known as the Fraternitatis Roux Croix, or “Brotherhood of the Rosary Cross” in English translations. The Rosicrucians continued to practice their mystical teachings throughout the ages, avoiding any and all public attention or acknowledgement in fear of the Roman Catholic Church discovering their practices and destroying them. It wasn’t until the 17th century that the Rosicrucians would publish two small but symbolically detailed documents (the only documents still ever released from the Rosicrucians) outlying who they were, what they studied, and what they sought.

Immediately after, people began publicly studying these documents and a revolution swept across Europe, a revolution known as the Renaissance. One of these men was DaVinci, who became a Rosicrucian. Sir  Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare later joined the Rosicrucians as well. The Rosicrucians no doubt had an influential hand in bringing about the rebirth of Western Civilization, an influence that extended well into the enlightenment era with philosophers such as John Locke and the Founding Fathers of America.

It is through the doctrine of Christ Conciousness (or enlightenment) that continues to move humanity forward not only as a physical species, but also as an esoteric and spiritual beings. This is the sublime influence of the Rosicrucians, from the lost history of a Kabalistic Jewish sect, to Christian mysticism, and the world today. The more we continue to grow our consciousness, the more peaceful the world will become.


© – J. Adam Snyder

The True Temple of Solomon

“The True Temple of Solomon” – J.Adam Snyder

Many Jews would like to rebuild Solomon’s Temple. To do so however would usher in WW3 as the Muslim holy site, the Dome of the Rock, sits atop on the exact area where the Temple once stood. Currently only devout Muslims are allowed to enter the area, a policy that the IDF enforces grudgingly. Which is ironic considering that the prophet Muhammad intended the site to be open for all, hence why one will find not only Arabic writings from the Quran inside the Dome, but also Hebrew from the Torah and Latin and Greek from the early Bible translations.

Today we Jews have Solomon’s Wall, the Muslims have their Dome, and the Christians have their Calvary Hill. Perhaps God did this to prevent religious fighting? Regardless, I feel all sides need to take a lesson from Jesus on this issue, including those who do not believe he was the literal son of God (and I’m saying this as a person who is not a Christian). Jesus taught “your body is your temple,” signifying that God lives within.

Physical places such as synagogues, mosques, temples, shrines, and churches do not matter. They are but stone and brick afterall, hence why it is meaningless to fight over them. To truly find God you must look inside for your own inner divinity. That is the true temple.

We are not bodies with a soul, we are souls with a body. When we understand this, we will grow closer in divine consciousness and will no longer be concerned with attempting to convert, dominate, or destroy the true temple of another. Our concern will instead be focused on helping one another in the construction of our own internal temples.


© – J. Adam Snyder

My Path

“My Path” – J. Adam Snyder

My faith is that of love
Of kissing stars
Of glistening sunsets
And tranquil lunar dawns

My temple is that of nature
Of echoing winds
Of dancing trees
And singing mystic waters

My salvation is that of enlightenment
Of graceful soaring doves
Of loving mountain peaks
And compassionate twilight violins


My purpose is that of a mage
Of invoking spells of art
Of conjuring light to the lost
And sharing wisdom as a sage

My life is that of a poet
Of beckoning emotion
Of romancing oceans
And divining like a prophet

My creed is that of a renegade
Of lone wolves howling in passion
Of rain painting the Earth in freedom
And dark angels ascending in liberation

© – J.Adam Snyder

The Secret Gnostic Roots of Feminism

“The Secret Gnostic Roots of Feminism” – J. Adam Snyder

In the Biblical symbolic story of Genesis that most are familiar with, the deity of Eden is a powerful and authoritive father figure who provides for his creations as long as they agree never to partake in the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Along comes the sinister Serpent who beguiles the female and, in turn, beguiles the male into gaining this knowledge, causing both to be ruthlessly shunned and cursed by the deity for all eternity. From this precept came the ideology that the female should be forced to burden the guilt for bringing about the downfall of mankind, leading to her violent and dogmatic oppression throughout the ages. The idea of a strong, educated, sexual, and liberated woman was seen as being the living antithesis of the deity’s divine plan; fearing such a woman would bring only further sinful destruction upon the world, the profane concocted a doctrine to make the female feel weak, insecure, dependent, and guilt-ridden for the purpose of controlling not only her, but her inherently immoral nature, thus sparing the world from further wrathful punishment by the deity.

In Gnostic theology however, the symbolic story of Genesis tells a vastly different tale. The deity in Eden is not God, but a lesser and false deity known to the Gnostics as the Demiurge. The Demiurge was an aeon, one of many forms of life created by the true God. Aeons were spiritual beings that had been given free-will just as mankind, and as such some chose to be benevolent and others chose to be wicked (again much like mankind, the aeons were also imperfect and flawed of character). One of these wicked aeons went into the mortal plane of existence and begun trapping other higher souls into it for the egotistical purpose of having himself worshipped as the true deity.

The Demiurge is characterized in Gnostic doctrine as being highly jealous and narcissistic, manipulating mankind and keeping them ignorant of their true inner divine nature. The Demiurge seeks to ensnare souls forever in the physical plane of existence (initially created by the true God as a place for souls to mature) through an endless cycle of reincarnation. He is insecure, tyrannical, and prone to angry bursts of violence and genocide. For the Gnostics, the brutal deity of the Old Testament in the Bible was not able to be reconciled with the same loving deity that Jesus spoke of in the New Testament, and as such they concluded that they were two entirely separate beings.

Citing many blood thirsty statements in the Old Testament texts that are in direct contradiction with the merciful teachings of Jesus such as the mass destruction of the world in the flood, the dividing of a utopian society called Babel, the encouragement of slavery, the commanded order to rape women and dash their infants in half with their swords upon the rocks (Hosea 13:16), and the misogynistic treatment of women, the Gnostics painted an entirety unique theology from the contemporary religious culture of their era. According to the Gnostic Genesis account, the Demiurge imprisoned Adam (meaning “mankind” in Hebrew) and Eve (meaning “breath” or “breath of soul”) within this physical plane of existence. Here the Demiurge sought to make their lives entirely ignorant, causing Adam and Eve to worship him as the true God. In addition, he also made them physically immortal as to not allow their souls to mature and return upon death back to the realm of the true God.

Due to the Demiurge not being an actual deity however, he lacked the actual all-encompassing powers of one, and could not prevent the True God from interfering with his plan. Within the artificial paradise, according to the Gnostic account, the True God created the Tree of Knowledge and came in the form of the Serpent. Lacking the power to destroy it, the Demiurge could only attempt to frighten Adam and Eve to stay away from the Tree of Knowledge, and ultimately failed in doing so.

Throughout many ancient cultures, the Serpent was not viewed as a devious animal of vice or temptation, but instead as a symbol of divine light, wisdom, and immortality. This was especially the case in ancient Sumeria and Egypt, who had secret mystical and symbolic religions based around the worship of the Serpent. The True God, Gnostics believe, comes into the physical world through a variety of different forms, cultures, and time periods to rescue the world from mass darkness by giving mankind the Light once again. Gnostics view not only the Serpent but also Jesus, Krishna, and the Buddha as being additional physical embodiments of the Light, sent down to the mortal plane from the True God. Each speaking the same true message to different groups of people in the clearest way that each particular group will readily understand. However, Gnostics also emphasize that the True God believes entirely in free-will, and as such will never force mankind to listen, accept, or abide by his message. He also abhors all forms of violence and will not destroy the Demiurge, instead wishing to awaken mankind to their inner divinity and giving them the power to overcome the Demiurge on their own accord. Illumination, to the Gnostics, is entirely a choice that only an individual can make for themselves.

The Serpent, being the first Light-Bearer of the world, spoke to the female and offered her the Knowledge of Enlightenment, making her no longer an ignorant slave to the Demiurge and his ego, but an empowered individual who had finally become aware of her own divine nature and celestial origins. She then offered to share this enlightenment with Adam, who then also accepted. Upon discovering this, the Demiurge threw a tantrum as his deity-complex plan had been foiled, and burned Eden to the ground and corrupted the world in the process.

Adam and Eve were no longer in spiritual bondage. Mankind now had the power to sustain themselves, Illuminate their souls, and engage in romance and reproduction, thus having the ability to continue life independently without the Demiurge. The female in the Gnostic Genesis account is not the harbinger of sin and all the ills of the world, but is a liberator and bringer of enlightenment. She is independent, taking the first step to think for herself and gaining the courage to challenge the dogma that ruled over her life. She was also sexually empowered, learning how to reproduce through her enlightenment and instructing the male.

Within the various historical Gnostic circles,  females and males were always treated equally. They were also in staunch opposition to the practice of slavery, beliefs that, in addition to their theology, set them at odds against the rest of the ancient world. As a result, the Gnostics were violently persecuted and forced into hiding, adopting symbols and forming secret societies to continue their teachings. One of these initiated Gnostic groups was a mystical Jewish sect called the Essenes, which Jesus and his parents belonged to. The Essenes were unique among the other Jewish groups at the time, rejecting all forms of organized religion with a focus on spiritualism. They were also egalitarian, condoned all forms of slavery, and practiced Kabbalah. Some were also vegetarians.

It is from these lost Gnostic roots that egalitarianism was birthed and secretly passed along through the ages. By presenting the female in a vastly different spiritual light, this light would then go onto influence the contemporary culture at large, eventually giving birth to feminism and human progression as a whole. Despite the historical opposition, Gnosticism not only survived but managed to thrive, becoming a hidden wave that has ultimately impacted the world for the better, and still continues to this day.


© – J. Adam Snyder

The Sins of Christian Cinema

“The Sins of Christian Cinema” – J. Adam Snyder

Within the recent years, Christian cinema has exploded upon the Hollywood scene, and often with mixed results. A good majority of these films are independently funded by various Churches and religious organizations, and tend to consist of small-budgets yet still manage to make blockbuster sales at the box office. It therefore comes as no surprise as to why such films are being mass-produced so quickly, given the large target audience who is often encouraged by their congregations to see these films upon release, sometimes as if it is there Godly-duty to do so.

Despite not identifying as a Christian myself (which shouldn’t matter), there has been a small number of Christian-based films I have enjoyed, “Soul Surfer” and “The Blind Side” to name a couple. While certainly Christian, these two films present true stories of love and grace, and do not attempt to proselytize the viewer. The faith of the main characters serve more as personal inspiration for their benevolent actions, all the while not becoming preachy about it. The result is that these films come across as being respectful and genuine.

Let me state something for the record: I’m not against Christians making Christian films, as no-doubt some overzealous Christians will falsely assume. Afterall, the theater is an art form and all have the right to free expression. I enjoy seeing the beliefs of others being presented across all creative mediums, and the cinema certainly has a place for Christian-based projects.

However, there is a serious issue with the Christian-film genre that I feel the need to address, for not only are many of these films offensive, they are also dangerous. I understand Hollywood is a business, and despite the more tolerant and liberal viewpoints of the actors and directors (acting and directing are artistic professions, and most artists tend to be inclined towards left-of-center views by default), the executives and producers of the industry are driven solely by the all-mighty dollar. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with this mind you. An industry thrives on creating a profit to stay innovative, and Hollywood provides not only the benefit safe of marketing people’s hard work, but also a living for all those involved in a creative project. All the way from the directors and the actors to the make-up artists and camera crew.

The issue I am referring to is in relation to the content that a sizable amount of these Christian-based films present. Hollywood is committing a great disservice to the majority of loving, moderate Christians by catering to the conservative fundamentalists of Christianity, a dying but still influential group that is primarily interested in having their religious dogmas and political prejudices reinforced and exploited. The end result is the production of abusive films that echo only the dangerous views of a small but loud sect within the Christian faith for easy wealth, as opposed to creating an artistic experience that reflects the more compassionate viewpoints of Christians that everyone in society can enjoy regardless of their spiritual background or beliefs.

From “God’s Not Dead” which gives the liberal character cancer and kills the atheist (all the while presenting these characters as obnoxious assholes), “Passion of the Christ” with its heavy anti-Semetic racist undertones, to “I’m Not Ashamed” which gives a false and downright disgustingly offensive portrayl of the Columbine tragedy. Such films are nothing more than hateful indoctrination and inspire irrational and deleterious feelings of zealotry among their target audience. They are essentially right-wing propaganda, lacking the substance from the authentic teachings of Jesus. Love Thy Neighbor is showcased in these films as only loving those who share your beliefs, and Do Not Judge Lest Thee Be Judged is presented with self-righteous hypocrisy of judging non-Christians and liberals as being vile people who are agressively driven to eradicate Christianity from the face of the Earth.

Creating this “us vs them” mentality only further divides our civilization, and only further leads to garnering Christianity more of a negative image. I’m very grateful for having loving Christian friends in my life who debunk that image, because if I didn’t, and if I were to just finish watching say, “God’s Not Dead” for the first time, I would get the impression that Christians are absolutely abhorrent and angry, which would only make me suspicious of Christianity in general.

It doesn’t stop only at those films unfortunately. Other Christian-based films such as “Old Fashioned” present a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship between a Christian man who is “courting” a non-Christian woman (the term “dating” is frowned upon in the film, go figure) as being moral. Throughout the “plot,” which is severely lacking mind you, the lead male character attempts to make the lead female character “a Christian” by telling her what clothes are appropriate for her to wear, what music she can listen to, and even going so far to forbid her from being in a room with him alone, lest she “tempt him” into the “sin” of premarital sex. Such a message is anti-feminst by depicting women as being powerless and incapable of making their own decisions, and as such, must rely on a man’s “strong” guidance. Not to mention the notion that we men cannot control ourselves around women is entirely asinine and only reinforces the already harmful and pervasive notions of rape culture, that a rape victim is at fault for the actions of the rapist.

These films also reek of rabid political statements, seeming to be more focused on pushing a right-wing agenda as opposed to a spiritual message. In “God’s Not Dead 2” for example, the film portrays a fabricated scenario that involves a teacher being taken to the Supreme Court for simply explaining how the non-violent teachings of Jesus inspired the actions of civil-rights leaders such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.. Throughout the course of the story, there are many snide attacks at liberals, secularism, and “big government” with a showcase of Christians and pastors being arrested for refusing to renounce that Jesus existed  (something that would never happen within any courtroom or legal jurisdiction in America, anywhere). Hell there’s even a cameo by, and I fucking kid you not, Mike Huckabee who briefly chimes in to inform everyone that the world is at war with Christians and it is time for Christians to “fight back” and “put God back in leadership.” This eludes the film to feel more like one is watching Fox News or listening to rabid far-right rhetoric, the kind that stems from the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, and not actually a film about the teachings of Jesus. In short; these films speak to the choir. A small, but fanatically loud choir that will pay good amounts of money to have their biases regurgitated and consumed again.

If Hollywood wishes to make films that actually showcase the teachings of Jesus, and seeks to move beyond the quick cash-grab that is the Christian-right, they will have to abandon that fundamentalist base. Why not make a Christian film that simply features, say, a man who decides to care for the impoverished in his area? Or a couple who takes in a runaway youth and helps them get their life back? Or perhaps even a tale about a certain pastor whose Christian beliefs inspire him to fight against social injustices?

As long as such films are done in a way that isn’t preachy or politically driven, but focused solely on how one’s faith can lead one to do benevolent things, I feel Christian cinema might actually be able to redeem itself. Because as of now, the genre has become little more than a showcase for Pharisees.


© – J.Adam Snyder

Dreaming with God

“Dreaming with God” – J. Adam Snyder

When I was 21 I had a dream where I met God, the best way for me to describe it is I was within a realm of pure benevolent light energy which was as much female as it was male.

In this dream I felt safe, loved, and as if I was existing without time. I asked the Light, “God, what is the right religion?”

The Light gave me a humorous sensation  (it’s hard to describe exactly) and stated, “I don’t care! What is the right language?”

Upon awakening from what felt like a vidid celestial slumber, I then sensed as if I had just experienced a profound answer to a long misunderstood question that has divided mankind.

Perhaps it was a subconscious moment of enlightenment? Perhaps it was just a mere dream that I am looking too much into?

Either way, it has had an impact on my life views. Make of it what you will….


© – J. Adam Snyder

The Occult: An in-depth Definition

  “The Occult: An in-depth Definition”– J. Adam Snyder

Being an occultist has nothing to do with Satan worship or any other nefarious practices, it is simply the scientific study of metaphysics and the pursuit of esoteric wisdom. Like a table, on the initial surface if you ask a man what he sees, he will answer with the claim that it is a piece of furniture. Such an answer, while not necessarily being incorrect, is rudimentary.

The deeper answer is that the table is more than just mere furniture, it consists of someone’s design, someone’s work, someone’s measurements and tools, someone’s craft. Look even deeper and one will see the tree that the table was birthed from, the atoms that form its vital structure, and finally the innate desire of the man who had conjured a vision to create the table in the first place.

You are not a body with a soul, you are a soul with a body. Until you can realize this, you will not find the answers you seek. You must first awaken your consciousness by realizing your consciousness. Everything else is but a manifested extension.

Occultism is the scraping away from the mundane, delving into the endless mystic oceans of life, and emerging more enlightened and more powerful because of it. This makes the occult the highest of all sciences, and the purest expression of art.


 © – J.Adam Snyder

Kissing Dragons

“Kissing Dragons” – J. Adam Snyder

From a palace in the sky
Lived a princess of lost pride
Her people once spoke to dragons
But they vanished into madness

The last of her kind
Without a soul to find
Loneliness is all she knew
Upon her island of eternal noon

Walking once civilized streets
And desolate valleys of sleep
Thoughts burning for more
Clouds painting over the world

Upon a mountain top stood a rock
Chiseled in the image of a dragon block
An inscription demanded a maiden’s kiss
To awaken the power to redeem sin

Feeling adventurous
She decided to climb in restlessness
To the forbidden peak in all the land
And discover if the legend was truly grand

She clawed with sweat
Cried out for rest
Knowing there was no other way
To seek the answers that she craved

At the summit she stood high
Taking in the majestic sight
Turning to face the stone-covered dragon
Her heart pounding in nervous satisfaction


Gently she walked over
Placing a hand upon its proud shoulder
Leaning in to kiss the beast
Such a silly thing she thought humorously

The moment her lips touched the stone
A bright light encased her in a cyclone
Roaring vigorously with power
A dragon broke free from its spellbound slumber

Overcome with amazement and fright
The princess attempted to run for her life
But the dragon flew in front of her path
Like a titan from ages past

The dragon spoke to her in a serene voice
Soothing her fears into rejoice
She sat down ready to listen
Ready to escape her isolated prison

Telling her the story of how it came to be
Revealing to her the hatred of mankind beneath
Hunting every dragon for their hide
And in the name of sadistic pastimes

Her kind lived with the dragons in peace
Where they taught her people sorcery
Yet across the waters the others came
Enslaving her people with painful chains

In an act of desperation, her family made a plan
To send their royal daughter to the cloud land
The home of the dragons and mystic ways
Until the day came for her to descend and liberate

© – J. Adam Snyder

The Civilized Evolution of Monogamy

“The Civilized Evolution of Monogamy” – J. Adam Snyder

Why is cheating wrong? How did monogamy emerge? The answer lies at the inherent understanding of Tribalism vs Civilization.

Romance is a an art form, a sublime dance that requires two. Not more, not less. I know some individuals who are in polyamorist and open relationships. It is not my place to judge the lives of others, if it works for them and all the parties involved are aware of the relationship and are happy with what it entails, that is their business and they have a right to it as long as nobody is deceived or harmed.

However, speaking from personal experiences with past open relationships, people get jealous and problems arise. It is also difficult to invest emotionally and truly be intimate with an individual because you are dividing your time between partners. It essentially ends up being sexual and not so much romantic.

Polygamy was the original relationship status of our earliest ancestors. Men had multiple wives because women often died during childbirth along with the child, therefore having multiple women created a higher numerical chance of having surviving offspring, and if the mother were to die other wives would be around to care for it. This however started to fade away as civilization took root and abandoned the archaic ways of their tribal ancestors. Art, philosophy, science, democracy, and romance were born along with agriculture.

During this process the idea of formal marriage and an authentic romantic bond emerged and polygamy slowly dissipated. Monogamy became beneficial to the survival of the civilized man as opposed to the tribal man. In a civilization, a person having multiple partners presents several issues that are hard to manage. Aside from jealousy which I mentioned earlier, there is the increased risks of sexually transmitted diseases, and being able to adequately provide for every partner’s specific needs.

If pregnancy were to occur it would create conflict among the group in terms of who should provide for the child, as who does the child belong to in such a relationship? The woman and the man who impregnated her? Or everyone in the group? Not to mention that in the case of multiple pregnancies with multiple women, a massive financial strain will be created upon the group as a whole, leaving the children in a state of neglect as the parents are unable to successfully offer substantial care and attention to sustain the children’s overall well-being.

Essentially, having multiple partners in a relationship is a backwards and unsophisticated practice from a bygone troglodyte era. Monogamy is the more “high class” and “evolved” relationship practice that functions more successfully in an advanced civilization. Tribalism vs Civilization, one is more successful towards human progress than the other, though both have their purposes when it comes to survival.

Tribalism occurs when mankind is unable to cultivate their environment and everyday is little more than a struggle to avoid extinction. Civilization occurs when mankind is able to successfully cultivate their environment and more intellectual, spiritual, artistic, and democratic pursuits are practiced as mankind is no longer fighting to exist but are now capable of living comfortable and luxurious lives.

The effects of this can be observed today. The places where having multiple partners is practiced as the primary relationship status are of Amazonian, African, and Polynesian tribes. The Middle-East also follows this practice, which despite an abundance of cities in the region, still retains a strong tribal mentality and system that is engraved within the culture. By contrast, the places where monogamy is practiced as the primary relationship status is the rest of the world, all of which are more advanced and civilized than their polygamist tribal counterparts.

Tribalism is of the “low,” Civilization is of the “high.”


© – J.Adam Snyder

Logic vs The Wall of Trump

“Logic vs The Wall of Trump” – J. Adam Snyder

Conversing with Trump supporters is always amusing because when you are forced to do the thinking for them and systematically break down his political proposals, they discover that none of his ideas are actually practical or viable and are instead factually ignorant and dangerous.

Let’s take his wall construction and mass deportation system as an example:

1 – Such a construction project would require massive amounts of time and money, more than we could feasibly produce. Vital social resources would have to be cut in order to fund such a behemoth, including the forceful relocation of civilians who live among the border and the wall’s path. Trump supporters claim it won’t be an issue because Mexico will pay for it, which leads me to point number two.

2 – Mexico is under no obligation to pay for anything. Aside from them having the GDP of a third-world country and lacking the resources to do so (due to our oppressive trade agreements which prevents them from becoming prosperous), there is no law that can make them. In fact, UN laws forbid economic harassment of other nations, which is essentially what the US would be attempting under a Trump presidency. The consequences of doing so would create an international backlash of Trade Sanctions against the US, barring us from exports and imports, leading to fiscal collapse and a Depression-era economy. This means higher prices for gas as foriegn oil would now be off the market along with bannanas, electronics, and everything else that is produced outside the US. Asking Mexico to pay for a wall is akin to asking France to pay your apartment rent, it’s the same asinine logic.

3 – Despite conservatives loving to bitch about the dangers of “big government,” the reality is that implementing Trump’s immigration policies would increase the power of the Federal Government to colossal levels. It would require a massive police state presence to patrol every street and neighborhood in the nation, as well as requiring civilians to relinquish their God-given Constitutional Rights to privacy and a fair trial as police, military, and federal agents would have the authority to search your person for civilian documentation without your given consent, including using violence if they deem so. This would lead to a paranoia-based society under the heel of constant surveillance and unlawful police brutality and racial profiling. It would also require a massive increase in taxation, higher than any in US history. Having such a vast anti-immigration system would require such vast amounts of people to be paid (24/7 mind you) for both the groundwork as well as the computer technicians keeping and maintaining such a powerful civilian database, leading to further fiscal collapse much akin to the cost of the wall.

As you can see Trump supporters, your bigoted prejudices and fears has clouded your critical thinking skills (if you had any to begin with that is). For once you take the time to intellectually deconstruct any of Trump’s policies, you discover that not a single one could ever actually make America great again in anyway or form.


©-J. Adam Snyder

Thomas Paine on the Origins of Freemasonry

(My Foreword:

The following is Brother and Founding Father Thomas Paine’s famous essay on his theories regarding the origins of Freemasonry and The Craft as a whole, which he traces throughout lost antiquity.

I have personally taken care to deliberately edit out certain parts that revealed some of the secrets of The Craft. Rest assured, these changes were minor and do not detract froms Paine’s original work.

Remember, as is the case of Brother Pike’s work in Morals and Dogma, these are Paine’s own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all Masons. This is intended for educational purposes.)


by Thomas Paine

“It is always understood that Freemasons have a secret which they carefully conceal; but from everything that can be collected from their own accounts of Masonry, their real secret is no other than their origin, which but few of them understand; and those who do, envelop it in mystery.

The Society of Masons are distinguished into three classes or degrees. 1st. The Entered Apprentice. 2d. The Fellow Craft. 3d. The Master Mason.

The Entered Apprentice knows but little more of Masonry than the use of signs and tokens, and certain steps and words by which Masons can recognize each other without being discovered by a person who is not a Mason. The Fellow Craft is not much better instructed in Masonry, than the Entered Apprentice. It is only in the Master Mason’s Lodge, that whatever knowledge remains of the origin of Masonry is preserved and concealed.

In 1730, Samuel Pritchard, member of a constituted lodge in England, published a treatise entitled “Masonry Dissected”; and made oath before the Lord Mayor of London that it was a true copy. “Samuel Pritchard maketh oath that the copy hereunto annexed is a true and genuine copy of every particular.” In his work he has given the catechism or examination, in question and answer, of the Apprentices, the Fellow Craft, and the Master Mason. There was no difficulty in doing this, as it is mere form.

In his introduction he says, “the original institution of Masonry consisted in the foundation of the liberal arts and sciences, but more especially in geometry, for at the building of the tower of Babel, the art and mystery of Masonry was first introduced, and from thence handed down by Euclid, a worthy and excellent mathematician of the Egyptians; and he communicated it to Hiram, the Master Mason concerned in building Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.”

Besides the absurdity of deriving Masonry from the building of Babel, where, according to the story, the confusion of languages prevented the builders understanding each other, and consequently of communicating any knowledge they had, there is a glaring contradiction in point of chronology in the account he gives.

Solomon’s Temple was built and dedicated 1,004 years before the Christian era; and Euclid, as may be seen in the tables of chronology, lived 277 years before the same era. It was therefore impossible that Euclid could communicate anything to Hiram, since Euclid did not live till seven hundred years after the time of Hiram.

In 1783, Captain George Smith, inspector of the Royal Artillery Academy at Woolwich, in England, and Provincial Grand Master of Masonry for the County of Kent, published a treatise entitled, “The Use and Abuse of Freemasonry.”

In his chapter of the antiquity of Masonry, he makes it to be coeval with creation, “when,” says he, “the sovereign architect raised on Masonic principles the beauteous globe, and commanded the master science, geometry, to lay the planetary world, and to regulate by its laws the whole stupendous system in just, unerring proportion, rolling round the central sun.

“But,” continues he, “I am not at liberty publicly to undraw the curtain, and openly to descant on this head; it is sacred, and ever will remain so; those who are honored with the trust will not reveal it, and those who are ignorant of it cannot betray it.”

By this last part of the phrase, Smith means the two inferior classes, the Fellow Craft and the Entered Apprentice, for he says in the next page of his work, “It is not every one that is barely initiated into Freemasonry that is intrusted with all the mysteries thereto belonging; they are not attainable as things of course, nor by every capacity.”

The learned, but unfortunate Doctor Dodd, Grand Chaplain of Masonry, in his oration at the dedication of Freemason’s Hall, London, traces Masonry through a variety of stages. “Masons,” says he, “are well informed from their own private and interior records that the building of Solomon’s Temple is an important era, from whence they derive many mysteries of their art.

“Now,” says he, “be it remembered that this great event took place above one thousand years before the Christian era, and consequently more than a century before Homer, the first of the Grecian poets, wrote; and about five centuries before Pythagoras brought from the East his sublime system of truly Masonic instruction to illuminate our western world. But, remote as this period is, we date not from thence the commencement of our art. For though it might owe to the wise and glorious King of Israel some of its many mystic forms and hieroglyphic ceremonies, yet certainly the art itself is coeval with man, the great subject of it.

“We trace,” continues he, “its footsteps in the most distant, the most remote ages and nations of the world. We find it among the first and most celebrated civilizers of the East. We deduce it regularly from the first astronomers on the plains of Chaldea, to the wise and mystic kings and priests of Egypt, the sages of Greece, and the philosophers of Rome.”

From these reports and declarations of Masons of the highest order in the institution, we see that Masonry, without publicly declaring so, lays claim to some divine communications from the Creator, in a manner different from, and unconnected with, the book which the Christians call the Bible; and the natural result from this is, that Masonry is derived from some very ancient religion, wholly independent of and unconnected with that book.

To come then at once to the point, Masonry (as I shall show from the customs, ceremonies, hieroglyphics, and chronology of Masonry) is derived and is the remains of the religion of the ancient Druids; who, like the magi of Persia and the priests of Heliopolis in Egypt, were priests of the sun. They paid worship to this great luminary, as the great visible agent of a great invisible first cause, whom they styled “Time without limits.”

The Christian religion and Masonry have one and the same common origin: both are derived from the worship of the sun. The difference between their origin is, that the Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the sun, as I have shown in the chapter on the origin of the Christian religion.

In Masonry many of the ceremonies of the Druids are preserved in their original state, at least without any parody. With them the sun is still the sun; and his image in the form of the sun is the great emblematical ornament of Masonic lodges and Masonic dresses. It is the central figure on their aprons, and they wear it also pendant on the breast of their lodges, and in their processions. It has the figure of a man, as at the head of the sun, as Christ is always represented.

At what period of antiquity, or in what nation, this religion was first established, is lost in the labyrinth of unrecorded time. It is generally ascribed to the ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians and Chaldeans, and reduced afterwards to a system regulated by the apparent progress of the sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac by Zoroaster the lawgiver of Persia, from whence Pythagoras brought it into Greece. It is to these matters Dr. Dodd refers in the passage already quoted from his oration.

The worship of the sun as the great visible agent of a great invisible first cause, “Time without limits,” spread itself over a considerable part of Asia and Africa, from thence to Greece and Rome, through all ancient Gaul, and into Britain and Ireland.

Smith, in his chapter on the antiquity of Masonry in Britain, says, that “notwithstanding the obscurity which envelops Masonic history in that country, various circumstances contribute to prove that Freemasonry was introduced into Britain about 1,030 years before Christ.”

It cannot be Masonry in its present state that Smith here alludes to. The Druids flourished in Britain at the period he speaks of, and it is from them that Masonry is descended. Smith has put the child in the place of the parent.

It sometimes happens, as well in writing as in conversation, that a person lets slip an expression that serves to unravel what he intends to conceal, and this is the case with Smith, for in the same chapter he says, “The Druids, when they committed anything to writing, used the Greek alphabet, and I am bold to assert that the most perfect remains of the Druids’ rites and ceremonies are preserved in the customs and ceremonies of the Masons that are to be found existing among mankind. My brethren,” says he, “may be able to trace them with greater exactness than I am at liberty to explain to the public.”

This is a confession from a Master Mason, without intending it to be so understood by the public, that Masonry is the remains of the religion of the Druids; the reasons for the Masons keeping this a secret I shall explain in the course of this work.

As the study and contemplation of the Creator is in the works of the creation, the sun, as the great visible agent of that Being, was the visible object of the adoration of the Druids; all their religious rites and ceremonies had reference to the apparent progress of the sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac, and his influence upon the earth.

The Masons adopt the same practices. The roof of their temples or lodges is ornamented with a sun, and the floor is a representation of the variegated face of the earth either by carpeting or mosaic work.

Freemasons’ Hall, in Great Queen Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, is a magnificent building, and cost upward of 12,000 pounds sterling. Smith, in speaking of this building, says (page 152), “The roof of this magnificent hall is in all probability the highest piece of finished architecture in Europe. In the center of this roof, a most resplendent sun is represented in burnished gold, surrounded with the twelve signs of the zodiac, with their respective characters.

After giving this description, he says, “The emblematical meaning of the sun is well known to the enlightened and inquisitive Freemason; and as the real sun is situated in the center of the universe, so the emblematical sun is the center of real Masonry. We all know” continues he, “that the sun is the fountain of light, the source of the seasons, the cause of the vicissitudes of day and night, the parent of vegetation, the friend of man; hence the scientific Freemason only knows the reason why the sun is placed in the center of this beautiful hall.”

The Masons, in order to protect themselves from the persecution of the Christian Church, have always spoken in a mystical manner of the figure of the sun in their lodges, or, like the astronomer Lalande, who is a Mason, been silent upon the subject.


It is their secret, especially in Catholic countries, because the figure of the sun is the expressive criterion that denotes they are descended from the Druids, and that wise, elegant, philosophical religion was the faith opposite to the faith of the gloomy Christian Church.

The high festival of the Masons is on the day they call St. John’s day; but every enlightened Mason must know that holding their festival on this day has no reference to the person called St. John, and that it is only to disguise the true cause of holding it on this day, that they call the day by that name. As there were Masons, or at least Druids, many centuries before the time of St. John, if such a person ever existed, the holding their festival on this day must refer to some cause totally unconnected with John.

The case is, that the day called St. John’s day, is the twenty-fourth of June, and is what is called midsummer day. The sun is then arrived at the summer solstice; and, with respect to his meridianal altitude, or height at high noon, appears for some days to be of the same height.

The astronomical longest day, like the shortest day, is not every year, on the same numerical day, and therefore the twenty-fourth of June is always taken for midsummer day; and it is in honor of the sun, which has then arrived at his greatest height in our hemisphere, and not anything with respect to St. John, that this annual festival of the Masons, taken from the Druids, is celebrated on midsummer day.

Customs will often outlive the remembrance of their origin, and this is the case with respect to a custom still practiced in Ireland, where the Druids flourished at the time they flourished in Britain.

On the eve of St. John’s day, that is, on the eve of midsummer day, the Irish light fires on the tops of the hills. This can have no reference to St. John; but it has emblematical reference to the sun, which on that day is at his highest summer elevation, and might in common language be said to have arrived at the top of the hill.

As to what Masons, and books of Masonry, tell us of Solomon’s Temple at Jerusalem, it is no wise improbable that some Masonic ceremonies may have been derived from the building of that temple, for the worship of the sun was in practice many centuries before the temple existed, or before the Israelites came out of Egypt. And we learn from the history of the Jewish kings, II Kings xxiii, that the worship of the sun was performed by the Jews in that temple.

It is, however, much to be doubted if it was done with the same scientific purity and religious morality with which it was performed by the Druids, who, by all accounts that historically remain of them, were a wise, learned, and moral class of men. The Jews, on the contrary, were ignorant of astronomy, and of science in general, and if a religion founded upon astronomy fell into their hands, it is almost certain it would be corrupted.

We do not read in the history of the Jews whether in the Bible or elsewhere, that they were the inventors or the improvers of any one art or science. Even in the building of this temple, the Jews did not know how to square and frame the timber for beginning and carrying on the work, and Solomon was obliged to send to Hiram, King of Tyre (Zidon), to procure workmen; “for thou knowest” (says Solomon to Hiram, I Kings v, 6), “that there is not among us any that can skill to hew timber like unto the Zidonians.”

This temple was more properly Hiram’s Temple than Solomon’s, and if the Masons derive anything from the building of it, they owe it to the Zidonians and not to the Jews. But to return to the worship of the sun in this temple.

It is said, II Kings xxiii, 5, “And [King Josiah] put down all the idolatrous priests . . . that burned incense unto . . . the sun, the moon, the planets, and all the host of heaven.” And it is said at the eleventh verse: “And he took away the horses that the kings of Judah had given to the sun, at the entering in of the house of the Lord . . . and burned the chariot of the sun with fire”; verse 13, “And the high places that were before Jerusalem, which were on the right hand of the mount of corruption, which Solomon the King of Israel had builded for Ashtoreth, the abomination of the Zidonians” (the very people that built the temple) “did the king defile.”

Besides these things, the description that Josephus gives of the decorations of this temple, resembles on a large scale those of a Mason’s lodge. He says that the distribution of the several parts of the Temple of the Jews represented all nature, particularly the parts most apparent of it, as the sun, moon, the planets, the zodiac, the earth, the elements; and that the system of the world was retraced there by numerous ingenious emblems.

These, in all probability, are, what Josiah, in his ignorance, calls the abominations of the Zidonians.* Everything, however, drawn from this temple,H and applied to Masonry, still refers to the worship of the sun, however corrupted or misunderstood by the Jews, and consequently to the religion of the Druids.

Another circumstance, which shows that Masonry is derived from some ancient system, prior to and unconnected with the Christian religion, is the chronology, or method of counting time, used by the Masons in the records of their lodges. They make no use of what is called the Christian era; and they reckon their months numerically, as the ancient Egyptians did, and as the Quakers do now.

I have by me, a record of a French lodge, at the time the late Duke of Orleans, then Duke de Chartres, was Grand Master of Masonry in France. It begins as follows: “the thirteenth day of the sixth month of the year of the Venerable Lodge, 5773.

By what I observe in English books of Masonry, the English Masons use the initials A. L. and not V. L. By A. L. they mean in the year of Light, as the Christians by A.D. mean in the year of our Lord. But A. L. like V. L. refers to the same chronological era, that is, to the supposed time of the Creation.

In the chapter on the Christian religion, I have shown that the cosmogony, that is the account of the Creation with which the book of Genesis opens, has been taken and mutilated from the Zend-Avesta of Zoroaster, and was fixed as a preface to the Bible after the Jews returned from captivity in Babylon, and that the rabbins of the Jews do not hold their account in Genesis to be a fact, but mere allegory. The six thousand years in the Zend-Avesta, is changed or interpolated into six days in the account of Genesis.

The Masons appear to have chosen the same period, and perhaps to avoid the suspicion and persecution of the Church, have adopted the era of the world, as the era of Masonry. The V. L. of the French, and the A. L. of the English Mason, answer to the A. M. Anno Mundi, or year of the world.

Though the Masons have taken many of their ceremonies and hieroglyphics from the ancient Egyptians, it is certain they have not taken their chronology from thence. If they had, the Church would soon have sent them to the stake; as the chronology of the Egyptians, like that of the Chinese, goes many thousand years beyond the Bible chronology.

The religion of the Druids, as before said, was the same as the religion of the ancient Egyptians. The priests of Egypt were the professors and teachers of science, and were styled priests of Heliopolis, that is, of the City of the Sun.

The Druids in Europe, who were the same order of men, have their name from the Teutonic or ancient German language; the Germans being anciently called Teutons. The word Druid signifies a wise man. In Persia they were called magi, which signifies the same thing.

“Egypt, says Smith, “from whence we derive many of our mysteries, has always borne a distinguished rank in history, and was once celebrated above all others for its antiquities, learning, opulence, and fertility. In their system, their principal hero-gods, Osiris and Isis, theologically represented the Supreme Being and universal nature; and physically the two great celestial luminaries, the sun and the moon, by whose influence all nature was actuated.

“The experienced brethren of the Society” says Smith in a note to this passage, “are well informed what affinity these symbols bear to Masonry, and why they are used in all Masonic lodges.”

In speaking of the apparel of the Masons in their lodges, part of which, as we see in their public processions, is a white leather apron, he says, “the Druids were appareled in white at the time of their sacrifices and solemn offices. The Egyptian priests of Osiris wore snow-white cotton. The Grecian and most other priests wore white garments. As Masons, we regard the principles of those who were the first worshipers of the true God, imitate their apparel, and assume the badge of innocence.”

“The Egyptians,” continues Smith, “in the earliest ages constituted a great number of lodges, but with assiduous care kept their secrets of Masonry from all strangers. These secrets have been imperfectly handed down to us by oral tradition only, and ought to be kept undiscovered to the laborers, craftsmen, and apprentices, till by good behavior and long study they become better acquainted in geometry and the liberal arts, and thereby qualified for masters and wardens, which is seldom or never the case with English Masons.”

Under the head of Freemasonry, written by the astronomer Lalande, in the French Encyclopedia, I expected from his great knowledge in astronomy, to have found much information on the origin of Masonry; for what connection can there be between any institution and the sun and twelve signs of the zodiac, if there be not something in that institution, or in its origin, that has reference to astronomy?

Everything used as a hieroglyphic has reference to the subject and purpose for which it is used, and we are not to suppose the Freemasons, among whom are many very learned and scientific men, to be such idiots as to make use of astronomical signs without some astronomical purpose.

But I was much disappointed in my expectation from Lalande. In speaking of the origin of Masonry, he says, the origin of Masonry, like many others, loses itself in the obscurity of time. When I came to this expression, I supposed Lalande a Mason, and on inquiry found he was. This passing over saved him from the embarrassment which Masons are under respecting the disclosure of their origin, and which they are sworn to conceal.

There is a society of Masons in Dublin who take the name of Druids; these Masons must be supposed to have a reason for taking that name.

I come now to speak of the cause of secrecy used by the Masons.

The natural source of secrecy is fear. When any new religion over-runs a former religion, the professors of the new become the persecutors of the old. We see this in all instances that history brings before us.

When Hilkiah the priest and Shaphan the scribe, in the reign of King Josiah, found, or pretended to find, the law, called the law of Moses, a thousand years after the time of Moses (and it does not appear from II Kings, xxii, xxiii, that such a law was ever practiced or known before the time of Josiah) he established that law as a national religion, and put all the priests of the sun to death.

When the Christian religion over-ran the Jewish religion, the Jews were the continual subject of persecution in all Christian countries. When the Protestant religion in England over-ran the Roman Catholic religion, it was made death for a Catholic priest to be found in England.

As this has been the case in all the instances we have any knowledge of, we are obliged to admit it with respect to the case in question, and that when the Christian religion over-ran the religion of the Druids in Italy, ancient Gaul, Britain, and Ireland, the Druids became the subject of persecution.

This would naturally and necessarily oblige such of them as remained attached to their original religion to meet in secret, and under the strongest injunctions of secrecy. Their safety depended upon it. A false brother might expose the lives of many of them to destruction; and from the remains of the religion of the Druids, thus preserved, arose the institution which, to avoid the name of Druid, took that of Mason, and practiced under this new name the rites and ceremonies of Druids.”

– Thomas  Paine


Pandora’s Sin

“Pandora’s Sin” – J. Adam Snyder

She was born under the moon
Blessed with a celestial tune
Enticing the lonely sea into a romance
Igniting the embers of madness

Flowers cried to life under her steps
Stars yearned bright for her caress
Blankets of rain painted the Earth
Seeking to heal her majestic curse

She was created to be his queen
Despite her vowing to the contrary
Presented to him as a gift of all gifts
A Trojan Horse of revenge and myth

As she descended from the heavens
She took only her chest down to Athens
Not sure what treasures hid inside
Only told never to unlock the prize

During the flights of Apollo she wept
When Selena rose she crept
Hearing the whispers from within
Beckoning her to sit and listen


Tired of being wed to him
Wanting to sing her own hymn
Pondering with the shadows
Delicious curiosity danced boundless

A heartbeat drumming
Her mind running
Legs shaking beneath
Eyes gazing without sheath

A hand she gently placed
Stroking the mystery of disgrace
Liberty it might indeed bring
Or the destruction of everything

Luna kissed the sun
Twilight mist ran with blood
A cyclone of fury
Demons screaming and soaring

Such power was hers to keep
Slaying her husband in his sleep
Enslaved she would never be again
For this was the gift of Pandora’s sin

© – J. Adam Snyder

A brief comparison of White and Black Magick and its Applied Practices

“A brief comparison of White and Black Magick and its Applied Practices” – J. Adam Snyder

Metaphysics is metaphysics, what separates “White Magick” from “Black Magick” is the energy intent being focused on the spell. An important lesson to bear in mind is the energy you Will can consume you. When I was first initiated into the Occult, I would cast Black Magic upon those who wronged me in the past, focusing on revenge. The results were more harmful to the individual than I anticipated or desired, from having them becoming severely injured in vehicle accidents to suffering from a detestable illness, or losing their employment which caused additional harm to their family and children.

Meanwhile having focused on energies of revenge, I myself became angry and obsessed, bitter and unhappy. My soul being corrupted by the negative energies I was constantly Willing  (which any practicing occultist can tell is an exhausting feat). Physically I was healthy, but mentally and spiritually I was depressed and antagonistic.

I have since then learned to focus on energies of justice, as opposed to energies of revenge, when one wrongs me. The effects that follow are fair and bring about closure, leaving my spirit to heal and remain in Light. Until one can understand the difference between justice and revenge, they have no business being initiated into the esoteric sciences.

The path should first be about building enlightenment, and then later about understanding how to manipulate and apply metaphysical energies upon the world. Hence why I am so grateful for Freemasonry, it builds better men first and then slowly unveils the esoteric tools which are taught to be used responsibly.


 © – J.Adam Snyder

The Old World Order origins of The American 1%

“The Old World Order origins of The American 1%” – J. Adam Snyder

The 1% came to power in America during the time of Andrew Jackson, whose chaotic Presidency left many areas of the nation in fiscal ruin. This provided an opportunity for the descendents of European aristocracy and royal families to establish the first western investment firms by using the wealth they inherited from their ancestors.

This was the start of the rebirth of the Old World Order. Many are familiar with the term “New World Order” but remain ignorant on what it truly means, and as a result  falsely fear it. To properly understand this topic, one must first understand the definitions of these two ideologies and when they came about.

The Old World Order consisted of the belief that mankind was inherently sinful and needed to be ruled over by Divine Royalty and the Catholic Church to keep the evil nature of the masses in check. Proponents of this doctrine believed that the tyrants of Europe were chosen by God to be kings, queens, and nobility and that only they should control the power and the wealth.

During the Age of Enlightenment, a counter doctrine was proposed called The New World Order. This philosophy argued that mankind was not inherently sinful or evil, that God gave all men the same Divine Rights as the royalty, and that organized religion and Biblical-literalism was a man-made corruption of the axiomatic truth. The New World Order attempted to liberate mankind from the tyranny of the Old World Order by founding a new land where Democracy could be revised once again and that the masses could pursue and retain their own personal wealth without it being confiscated or controlled by an elitist establishments.

After many American generations and the slow liberation of European nations into Democracies, the aristocratic descendents of the Old World Order sought to preserve their power through organized systems of wealth control. Many came to America, which much of the nation was isolated and still not colonized, and used their ancient wealth to control the masses. This happened not only through private loans to civilians, but also through investments into corporations and even politicians.

The result is that in America today, unlike in Europe where the ancestors of the 1% were driven out generations ago, a small group of families control literally the vast majority of the economy and have a strong influence upon our political system. It is the remains of the Old World Order, and through far right-wing policies, they hope to reestablish what their tyrannical ancestors once had in the past.

It’s not the New World Order you should fear, but the Old World Order.


© – J.Adam Snyder

Clay Angel

“Clay Angel” – J . Adam Snyder

She walked away from her cloud in the sky
And fell to Earth without her shining pride
With her halo shattered into the wind
Looking at me to help her up again

Her face smeared with dust from the stars
And a smile as broken as her heart
Wings scorching from her kiss with the sun
Tears in her eyes from her moonlight run

Clay Angel
You tried so hard to fly
He took you by the hand
And crashed right into the night
Burning out like a meteorite

Clay Angel
You were too blind to see
That his golden wings washed away
In the celestial stream
And left you to drown without a destiny

She walked away from her cloud in the sky
Clutching at the dirt like a lost paradise
Forgetting how to stand and how to walk
Gravity was no longer just a thought

Now that she’s a mortal again
She wants to repent for all her sins
To set the planets in alignment
And resurrect dreams of silence


Clay Angel
You tried so hard to fly
He took you by the hand
And crashed right into the night
Burning out like a meteorite

Clay Angel
You were too blind to see
That his golden wings washed away
In the celestial stream
And left you to drown without a destiny

The sun may sing and burn so bright
But shadows still dance into the twilight
You want to soar to Venus once more
But Mars is what you are aiming for

The road to heaven fell into the sea
Swallowed into a black hole for eternity
Rains of Neptune may come and go
But the Garden of Gaia will continue to grow

Clay Angel
You tried so hard to fly
He took you by the hand
And crashed right into the night
Burning out like a meteorite

Clay Angel
You were too blind to see
That his golden wings washed away
In the celestial stream
And left you to drown without a destiny

© – J.Adam Snyder


“Illumination” J. Adam Snyder

Each of us is divine, energy within flesh, and like all aspects of the divine we too can manipulate our energy in order to manipulate the events of cause-and-effect with our Will. Either directly, or indirectly.

This power can be a phenomenal benefit or a catastrophe depending on the nature of the user, for the good that can be created via one’s Will can also cause harm in the wrong hands. Therefore, the knowledge of how to do so must remain a carefully guarded secret, and only revealed to those who strive to achieve Illumination.

Enlightened souls are of The Above and sent to guide, not rule, the younger souls of The Below. It is not necessary for them to understand, for much is beyond their comprehension, as it is for you as well. Your purpose is to bear The Light and awaken them from their profane slumber, to increase their consciousness, and reveal to them their true inner divine nature.

You are not a body with a soul, you are a soul with a body. This is the first lesson, and the most vital for it changes your perspective on life entirely. Your flesh can die, for it is but a vehicle, but you cannot. The physical world is a place to help souls grow, to experience what it means to be human, to see if we as individuals are capable of becoming more divine in the next plane of existence.


Reincarnation happens when a soul has either failed and is given another chance, has had its physical body killed before completing its purpose or full physical experience, or when a higher soul is sent from The Above to embody a physical body be a torch bearer after realizing its true nature.

Upon physical death the soul returns to The Light which is the source of all love, pleasure (both sexual and sensational), wisdom, grace, creation, passion, and benevolence. It is what we are of, and what we will all one day return to. For wicked souls there is no hell, no place of eternal torture, no destruction for The Light is compassionate beyond compassion and abhors violence and pain.

What happens for the wicked soul depending on The Light’s judgment (which is Just for The Light is the source of all understanding and knows the true contents of one’s soul) is they are made to feel all the emotional pain and torment they have caused others, and then are either separated from The Light or given another chance to embody physical existence again. It is not necessary to be perfect, mistakes are expected to be made in this realm for you are not an ascended being. What is necessary is to strive to grow your consciousness by ascending higher than The Below through becoming benevolent for the sake of benevolence, and completing your physical purpose.

Seek the spark within yourself, and ignite it.

© – J.Adam Snyder

Crimson Rain

“Crimson Rain” – J. Adam Snyder

Sun kissed sands
And mystic lands
Echoing shadows
Dancing in majestic grand

Locked within a tower
Is a woman of sublime power
The scarlet sorceress
Prays to breathe like a flower

O’ crimson rain
Blanket the ground and wash away the hate
O’ crimson rain
Drown the world in your pain

Ruby skies
Conjured in her cries
The curse of the wastes
Submerged in deep red pride

Never touched
And never loved
War and death
For her blood

O’ crimson rain
Blanket the ground and wash away the hate
O’ crimson rain
Drown the world in your pain


Under the burning moon
She sings her sanguine tune
Playing with demons
And angels of maroon

Searching for a soul
To usher in the cold
Igniting the stars
To call forth the bold

O’ crimson rain
Blanket the ground and wash away the hate
O’ crimson rain
Drown the world in your pain

Free her if you must
Not in vain or lust
For only the worthy
Will earn her trust

Take her by the hand
Lead her to romance
And reveal the dominion
That she commands

O’ crimson rain
Blanket the ground and wash away the hate
O’ crimson rain
Drown the world in your pain

Comets will soar
Rivers will bleed with ardor
Her light will shine
And heal the world

The scars on her aura
Will melt away in fervor
As her vermilion eyes
Glow in eternal wonder

O’ crimson rain
Blanket the ground and wash away the hate
O’ crimson rain
Drown the world in your pain

© – J. Adam Snyder

Sophia and Minerva

“Sophia and Minerva”– J. Adam Snyder

Whispers from the forest
Chase me under the stars
I will show you a power
That mortals worship from afar

When the evening mist engulfs the trees
And the village candles burn in fright
The shadows will blanket their dreams
As the owl takes his lunar flight

Follow cautiously behind
Under his wings of wisdom
He will guide you to the secret light
That reveals the arcane kingdom

Remove the shroud from your eyes
And drown in the mystic waters
You will emerge illuminated
For you now possess the embers


Carry the torch
Which ignites from within
The spark of divinity
Will keep you from requiem

As the gloom begins to rest
The rains will cry
Keep the blaze hidden
To keep its radiance dry

Such poetry you wield
The villagers will not understand
For they exist in the shroud
And would abuse it like they do the land

Protect the flame
Let it shine in sublime might
Other bearers will see your inferno
And rapture away the eternal night

© – J. Adam Snyder

Full Moon Lust

“Full Moon Lust”– J. Adam Snyder

Enticed with power
Yearning to devour
My appetite is howling
For celestial prowling

Enslaved to your potent beauty
Captivated by the moonlight’s poetry
My soul spellbound in lust
Our passion burning to touch

Beckoning forth animal ardor
Conjuring a symphony of roaring vigor
Begging for a taste of your bliss
Biting into delicious sin

Clawing at your majesty
Scraping the flesh of forbidden ecstasy
Temptations sing to be unleashed
In a symphony of beguiling release


A succubus of obsession
Enthralled in your possession
Engraved to your kiss under the stars
Until the dawn bleeds through the bars

Starving for liberation
Yet crying in damnation
Heart drumming in chemistry
Oppressed by erotic sorcery

Shadows hissing of hedonism
Caressing echoes of entanglement
Demons of the night soaring high
Angels breaking halos and falling from the sky

Is eternal indulgence truly a prison
Does freedom lie in refusing gratification
Is famishing the beast the path to deliverance
Or does unchaining the wolf bring rapturous enlightenment

© – J. Adam Snyder

Kiss of Dawn

“Kiss of Dawn”– J. Adam Snyder

Kiss of dawn
Take me in your rays
Caress my scars with blazing love
And burn the hate away

Ignite my passion
Engulf me in romantic flames
Light the world
And paint me in embers without shame

My phoenix soars bright
From the frozen ashes of midnight
To dance across your solar majesty
And drown in the heat of sublime sorcery


© – J. Adam Snyder

Celestial Meditation

“Celestial Meditation” – J. Adam Snyder

Imprisoned in a world without bars
Where twilight mist kisses the stars
Mountain peaks fornicate with the sky
As ocean winds dance and cry

Shades of passion burn with pain
Emerald majesty beguiles the arcane
Solar tears laugh in delight
Seductive luna romances the night

Raindrops whisper of mysteries
Soothing with sublime tranquility
Hissing sands soar with desires
Alluring the celestial to poetic fires


Owls Illuminate the dark
Reveling in the forbidden arts
Wolves howl for the snow
To blanket the world in frozen gold

Air embraces the life of man
Free to choose harmony or to conquer land
Playful islands sing and hide
Enchanting the angels to fall from pride

Cerulean waters caress the canvas
Roaring with symphony like a pianist
Blazing an Eden with the doves
Painting the world in endless love

© – J. Adam Snyder

Poetic Justice

“Poetic Justice” – J. Adam Snyder

From a broken heart
And enthralling chains
She set herself free
Through poetic blades

Beguiled by the moon
Glistening with powerful muse
She neutralized those in her past
Who imprisoned her soul in meek glass


Awakening to her spirit pounding away
Drumming with inner velocity and rage
A victim she would no longer be
Her abuser would soon bow down to the queen

An execution of her timidity
Now roaring with burning potency
From the tip of a brush to the kiss of steel
Ready to taste justice like a lion devouring a meal

As the dawn bled through dancing trees
She sliced and diced away in artistic screams
Conjuring destruction to annihilate the pain
Drowning the sadist in crimson paint

Now her sorcery wanders the land
Liberating slaves from their captor’s wrath
Empowering the lost with her poems
Igniting their power to build their own thrones

© – J. Adam Snyder

Pharisees in the Restroom

“Pharisees in the Restroom” – J. Adam Snyder

I hope all the churches and Christians I see bitching about transgendered individuals using the restroom realize that they’re only reinforcing the already negative image people have of Christianity, and are behaving in the most antithesis Christ-like way possible.

What if a transgendered person was seeking a community where they could find love and acceptance, and are drawn by the benevolent teachings of Jesus? Yet, upon seeing the ignorance and bigotry of Pharisees masquerading as Christians, decides to rule out your faith all-together and assume all Christians are right-wing fascists wishing to impose their hateful dogma upon the world?

This also applies to the Christians I have seen praising the homophobic “Freedom of Religion” laws that have been perverting the American South. Such laws do not originate from a place of love, they originate from a place of fear; fear of individuals who are different.

As someone who does not identify as a Christian, I find this culture war that so many churches wish to engage in to be as frightening as it is idiotic. I have studied and believe in the teachings of Jesus immensely, the same as I have studied and believe in the teachings of Krishna and the Buddha, and the core message of all these Light-Bearers is To Love Thy Neighbor.

Perhaps it is Christianity that currently needs Christ and not the rest of the world?


© – J. Adam Snyder

Falling into Nirvana

“Falling into Nirvana”- J. Adam Snyder

Let’s dance to our passion
Burning the darkness down in orgasmic satisfaction
Life is an experience too short for pain
Only through love can we break free from the hate

All the lies have held you back
Imprisoned your soul in distorted glass
Grab the rock of truth and smash it away
And follow the light to the land where romance plays

So powerful is your art
Forever liberating the roaring heart
Enchanting the sun with your midnight flare
Beguiling the moon in erotic prayer

Your majesty has no bounds
Conjuring poetry with your crown
Like a mystic sorceress of old
Secret wisdom lusting to be bold


Jubilation is within your reach
Baptizing in the flame’s rapturous heat
Bohemian embers cannot be contained
Nor ever extinguished by profane rains

Like a sunrise of flutes
You give a voice to the mute
Shining bright in celestial magic
You paint the mundane in arcane attraction

Illuminate the world with your craft
Give the suffering rest at last
Akin to a phoenix dying in the snow
Only to soar again in blazing gold

Let our ardor break all the rules
Submit to your seduction and kiss the muse
Be a living inferno of creative karma
Just take my hand and fall into Nirvana

© – J. Adam Snyder

The Folly of Christianity and Blood Atonement

“The Folly of Christianity and Blood Atonement”- J. Adam Snyder

While I do believe in the teachings of Jesus, which are purely benevolent, I do not believe in the blood atonement or original sin. The very notion of a so-called “loving” god demanding the violent sacrifice and murder of an innocent man to appease justice is not a deity that is worthy of being worshiped or praised in any sense of the word. This isn’t taking into account the absolute tyrannical brutality of the god of the Old Testament who commanded his followers to rape women and dash their infants in half with their swords upon the rocks (Hosea 13-16) and to punish the disobedient among their own family members by engaging in cannibalism against them (Deuteronomy 28:53-57). No sane, honest person can defend such savagery. Anyone who attempts to do so has committed both mental and ethical suicide.

Furthermore, the idea of “original sin” is an entirely asinine concept. Not only does it not appear anywhere in the original Hebrew texts (hence why Jews do not believe in it, nor Satan or Hell for that matter), but the notion that one is automatically at fault for something their ancestors did is as inequitable as it is ludicrous. No doubt it was a dogmatic invention by men to control others through the implementation of false guilt.

What was the great “sin” of Adam and Eve in Genesis? Eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Intellect, free thought, becoming self-aware. All traits that the deity in Eden despised, hence why he would later destroy the peaceful and prosperous city of Babel; because mankind was making progress. Clearly the enemy in the Old Testament isn’t the Serpent, but YHWH himself. Interestingly enough, the word Lucifer is merely the Latin word for “Light” and the Morning Star (Venus). When Jesus stated that he was the Light, He was literally stating that he was Lucifer. It is therefore impossible to reconcile the violent deity of the Old Testament with the loving God that Jesus spoke of in the New Testament.


While I don’t agree with every Gnostic teaching (and they do vary tremendously), I do find Gnosticism as a whole to be the most consistent Biblical theology. Gnosticism explains the brutality of the “god” in the Old Testament (demiurge), the esoteric meaning of Light, it reconciles virtually every faith, and successfully explains the evil and broken state of the world. According to Gnostic theology, it is through spiritual Illumination that we are able to break free from the cycle of physical death and physical rebirth in this plane of existence and live among the true God of love in the higher planes.

This is similar to the spiritual teachings found in Hinduism of achieving Nirvana, Buddhism of achieving Enlightenment, and authentic Christianity of receiving the Holy Spirit (hence why Christ stated, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”). I therefore see Jesus as a Spiritual Teacher and one of several physical manifestations of the Divine who came into  our realm of existence in order to lead mankind back to The Light. The same as Krishna and the Buddha, whose lives and core message was the same.

After all, it was Paul who stated that he became all things to all people. It is small-minded to assume that God didn’t do the same via the other faiths. The same core message, the same divine beings, only situated to different groups of people at different times. The many faiths are therefore akin to spiritual languages: one faith does not have a monopoly on truth, salvation, or wisdom. They’re all bearing the same light, just through different lamps.

©-J. Adam Snyder

Emerald Matricide

“Emerald Matricide” – J. Adam Snyder

Mother nature
The goddess of life
How we have forsaken you
And raped your flesh with knives

We cut your trees
Murdered your creatures
In the name greed
And vengeful pleasures

We strangled your lungs
In polluted corruption
Perverted your canvas
For golden seduction

Crying luna in your eyes
Your smiling sunshine has now died
Bitter hissing in the wind
Your body forever shaking from our sin

emerald matricide

Instead of gardening love
We build our bombs
Ready to unleash our hate
When violence calls

Existing as nations and tribes
Not as brothers under the same sky
Eternally enslaved to the demon
Of self-destructive materialism

We have done so much wrong
Unworthy of existing on your blue home
Please forgive us, your emerald majesty
And give us another chance to live peacefully

© – J. Adam Snyder

Sweet Curvaceous Lust

“Sweet Curvaceous Lust”– J. Adam Snyder

Such a damn fine sight
Your beauty has me begging for your thighs
Let our eyes do the talking
As our hands play music to the tune of hot moaning

I’ve never denied it, honey
I like my women nice and curvy
So squeezable and warm
You make this boy’s passions burn

Ecstasy within every thrust
My sweet curvaceous lust
Sublime indulgence painting us in stardust
My sweet curvaceous lust

Now don’t get me wrong
Thin ladies have also taken me back home
But we all have preferences and tastes
For me it’s the BBWs that I crave

sweet curvaceous lust

I’m a man who is bohemian
For lying is the media’s greatest sin
Sexy comes in all sizes
And plus is the kind I most idolize

Ecstasy within every thrust
My sweet curvaceous lust
Sublime indulgence painting us in stardust
My sweet curvaceous lust

So let’s go away
To a place where we can play
Where I can caress your curvy poetry
In romantic sorcery

Don’t be afraid
To show your visual display
If only you could believe
In the visual magic that you weave

Ecstasy within every thrust
My sweet curvaceous lust
Sublime indulgence painting us in stardust
My sweet curvaceous lust

Ecstasy within every thrust
My sweet curvaceous lust
Sublime indulgence painting us in stardust
My sweet curvaceous lust

© – J. Adam Snyder

Dispelling Common Masonic Myths-#2 : Freemasonry and the Illuminati Conspiracy

“Dispelling Common Masonic Myths-#2 : Freemasonry and the Illuminati Conspiracy” – J. Adam Snyder

It is an all too common occurrence in the life of every Mason where he will, in one form or another, be accused of being involved with a highly secretive and gargantuan plot to take over the world, all the while attempting to enslave the ignorant masses to that plot’s agenda. Such an accusation is quite bold to make, and bold accusations require bold evidence, otherwise it is little more than unfounded rhetoric that is easily dismissed with logic. When it comes to claims of The Craft being tied to such conspiracies, the same logical process should be applied respectfully.

Of course, any Brother will already know that such accusations are ludicrous. However there is a surprisingly large number of people who do believe it to be true, and they’re not all “Alex Jones reptilian-UFO conspiracy theorist” loon types either. They tend to be regular, average individuals who are simply misinformed on the matter. This series of essays is not intended for Brothers who are obviously already aware of the truth, nor is it for the zealous tin-foil hat conspiracy extremists who are so extreme that no amount of evidence will ever convince them. This is intended solely for the unenlightened public at large for the purposes of removing misconceptions they may have about Freemasonry and to educate them on The Craft as a whole.

When it comes to Masonic conspiracies, one will find that they are nearly endless, and all are equally baseless. Freemasons get blamed for virtually every problem in the world, with one ultimate conspiracy connecting them all together: the “Illuminati Conspiracy.” This conspiracy claims, in short, that Freemasonry is (or is a part of) a shadowy group of wealthy intelligent elitists who manipulate all the world’s affairs from behind the scenes. From international banking, politics, media, wars, and corporations, these conspiracy theorists believe all established aspects of society are secretly controlled by this group, with Freemasons at the center of it all.

Before I attempt to disprove this conspiracy, it is important to first become educated on the subject matter at hand so as to provide proper discourse. Ignorance is, after all, the ultimate sin and automatically prevents understanding of the topic at hand. To correct this ignorance I will present a scholarly look as to what the Illuminati actually was, what they believed, what they did, and ultimately what connection, if any, they have to Freemasonry.

The Illuminati was a secret society founded in Europe the during the Age of Enlightenment by a Bavarian poet, philosopher, and intellectual named Adam Weishaupt. The group had many goals, among which were egalitarianism, free education, free thought, religious liberty, the studying of metaphysics, abolishing slavery, free trade, and the right for civilians to bear arms. They also had one ultimate goal;the overturning of monarchies across Europe, the destruction of organized religion and the rule of the Church, and the establishment of worldwide democracy. Such goals may echo strong sentiments with the American Revolution, which is not surprising considering that the Founding Fathers of America were strong admirers of Adam Weishaupt, with Jefferson and Franklin speaking highly of him in several letters for example.


Such values are clearly positive, and go against the notion that the Illuminati was attempting to control the world, seeing as how they were advocates of small Government and certainly not the dark and nefarious group they are so often painted as. Obviously those goals put the Illuminati in direct conflict with the powers at be during the time, and as a result they were forced to remain hidden for the Catholic Church had issued a decree which outlawed any groups they considered a threat to their power power. This included both the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

While Weishaupt was a Freemason, Freemasonry itself had nothing to do with the Illuminati. When Weishaupt founded the Illuminati, he did so with very few members. Some were Masons, some were not, and eventually the Illuminati grew to have a few hundred members at most. Certainly not the several thousands that conspiracy theorists claim. Eventually however the Illuminati was disbanded not even a decade into its existence with the authorities arresting and executing the majority of its members, with Weishaupt himself going into hiding and fleeing to a small village in the French countryside where he lived out the rest of his days as a school teacher.

It is possible that some other Illuminati members managed to avoid capture by the Church, yet there is no evidence to suggest that there was ever an attempt to establish the Illuminati again, or an “Illuminati 2.” Despite the variety of fraudulent groups today claiming to be the Illuminati, or at least descended from them, the actual Illuminati no longer exists and died out centuries ago. There were no splinter groups, they did not conduct Satanic rituals, and they had no involvement in Freemasonry whatsoever.

Knowing all this, why then do so many claim the Illuminati Conspiracy still exists then? Partly due to ignorance, partly due to religious fundamentalists who think there is a secret war on Christianity, and partly due to racist anti-semetic propaganda that is perpetrated by neo-Nazis who claim that Zionist Jews control the world. The truth of the matter is that the world is far too chaotic and complex for any small group of individuals to control it, and while wealthy individuals may have an influence on world affairs, there is still no collective organization directly pulling the strings. Let alone Freemasonry, which has members of all various backgrounds and forbids political discussions within the Lodge (along with religious discussions). Making it impossible for any discourse about “world domination” to take place in the first place.

The Illuminati Conspiracy still doesn’t stop there however. Proponents of the theory point to certain images such as the All Seeing Eye and the pyramid on the American dollar bill as evidence of Illuminati influence. Such a claim however is unfounded as the Illuminati never used either of those symbols, in fact the symbol they used was the Owl of Minerva which was a representation of wisdom and seeing truth and light. Hence the name Illuminati, meaning “enlightened” or “perfected” beings.

Anti-Masons also regularly misinterpret the Latin phrases used on the currency, in particular ANNUIT COEPTIS, meaning “God Has Favored Our Undertaking,” and NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, meaning “A New Order For The Ages.” They take this as infamously meaning “A New World Order,” which is missing the point of the phrase entirely. To begin with, the phrase is not Masonic in origin and is referring to a new era of life where mankind is free to rule themselves, as opposed to “The Old World Order” which consisted of harsh rule by totalitarian monarchs and religious dogma. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM is a reference to liberty, not an oppressive conspiracy.

While there is more to this topic to discuss, I will respectfully summarize it here as not to entertain the more asinine conspiracies relating to The Craft. The Illuminati was an entirely separate group from Freemasonry, its true goals were actually quite beneficial to mankind, and it was soon disbanded after its birth and no longer exists. Freemasonry never has been involved in any sort of plot to rule the world, such a notion goes against Masonry entirely. The only “conspiracy” Freemasonry has is taking good men and making them better. As it always has been, and as it always will be.


© -J. Adam Snyder

Chase The Light

“Chase The Light” – J. Adam Snyder

Stop hiding in the shadows
Fearing the power of the light
The lies the dark has told you
Don’t let it lead you blind

Take the step
Don’t look back
They won’t believe
The majesty that you’ve met

Chase the light my darlin’
Let it set you free
Chase the light my darlin’
Don’t drown in their pitch black sea

Chase the light my darlin’
Illuminate your wildest dreams
Chase the light my darlin’
And live as poetry

You were given sight to behold
Not a hoodwink to follow
Like the full moon in the night
Burn the dark down in delight

chase the light

Take a look inside
Your own divine
Awaken from your slumber
To the immortal land of wonder

Chase the light my darlin’
Let it set you free
Chase the light my darlin’
Don’t drown in their pitch black sea

Chase the light my darlin’
Illuminate your wildest dreams
Chase the light my darlin’
And live as poetry

©-J. Adam Snyder

Traditional vs Self-Publishing: Stop The Hate

“Traditional vs Self-Publishing: Stop The Hate”-J. Adam Snyder

Why do some people in the literary industry insist on bashing each other over Traditional-Publishing vs Self-Publishing?


Both have their pros and cons.

Traditional publishing has the advantage of mass marketing and tends to pay higher royalties. Self-publishing on the other hand allows the artist to have more freedom with their work, as well as having the advantage of being more convenient as you can quickly make your work available through a wide range of online (as well as retail in some cases) venues without going through all the waiting and Corporate hoops of major publishing houses.

Some are of the opinion that self-published books are all mediocre in quality. This opinion however is a baseless fallacy, as while there are some self-published books which are quite bad, there are just as many mediocre traditionally published books too. A professional Author will always revise their manuscript multiple times, and hire an editor to go over it again before sending their final draft to print. It’s not the venue that determines the quality of a book, it’s the Author and how much work and care they put into their art. A lazy Author will write bad books, regardless of whether they are published traditionally or not.

I personally went with Wildfire Publications, a smaller publisher who was very professional and respectful of my work. In the end it comes down to personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with regarding your art. I don’t believe one type of publishing is superior to the other, I think there’s room for both in the industry and as such they both deserve the same respect.

©-J. Adam Snyder

The War on Women: A Male Feminist Perspective

“The War on Women: A Male Feminist Perspective”– J. Adam Snyder

Why does our culture hate women? While there are some deleterious aspects of our society that target men (washboard abs, have to be tall to get the girl, only “real men” hunt and act like aggressive jackasses etc….), the majority of it is targeted against women. It is never enough for females, constantly being told by our culture since early childhood that they are not pretty enough, slim enough, busty enough, light skinned enough, tan enough, blonde enough, curvaceous enough, or any other superficial quality that they feel they are thrusted to abide by in order to be someone worthy of value.

This sort of cultural policy has lead an entire gender to feel inadequate and made to suffer from body-image issues, the results of which can be severe. In some cases women develop eating disorders, either starving or vomiting themselves to death in the hopes of gaining a presented figure that is impossible as it doesn’t truly exists. Even if a woman is already thin, it’s still not enough as our culture will tell her she needs to change some other feature to be desirable. It never ends, and the sooner we recognize how asinine and dangerous these false “standards” are (for both men and women) the more empowered we as individuals will become.

It however doesn’t stop at asthetics, our culture also hates women in other facets, such as with sex. If a woman chooses to be sexually empowered, liberated, and proud of her body (something thar all individuals should be, male and female) she is often shamed as a “slut” by our culture. This includes a woman choosing to wear more revealing clothing, which is unfortunately often used to place the blame of rape on the female victim and the contents of her attire. Our culture essentially tells women that it’s wrong for them to feel sexy, yet has no issue with sexually objectifying them in the mainstream media. As long as they are seen as property and not as people, it’s fine according society.

the war on women

I am by no means however suggesting that it’s wrong for women to portray themselves as sexy individuals, indeed we should all see ourselves as such. There is nothing inherently wrong with women being lap dancers or porn stars, provided that is truly what they want to do and they are treated respectfully in such industries. However too often they are not, and such women are falsely looked down upon by much of our society. Men who are sexually promiscuous or engage in the industry mentioned above are seen as being “studs” without facing the hateful judgment.

Why does our culture do this? It’s easy to control people if you make them bad about themselves as a strong, educated, and liberated woman is a threat to the old male-oriented power culture that still exists in society at large. Simple research into most major Government and Corporate establishments will reveal that they are predominantly controlled by men, white men at that who tend to be much older in age and much wealthier than the general population. This also goes for those who run the major media and fashion magazine companies.

One has to remember that for most of our history, women have been oppressed. Much of it due to religious and monetary laws. Women were property, and men could buy, sell, and marry as many as he wanted to. A man could divorce his wife (or wives) for whatever reason he wanted, leaving her with nothing but homelessness or slavery. A woman however could not divorce her husband, regardless of how he treated her. In ancient Jewish culture, according to the Law of the Bible (Old Testament) adultery was defined only if a man had sexual relations with another man’s wife, and not other women in general who were unmarried or served as sex slaves (concubines). For a woman, sexual relations with anyone aside from the man who owned her was considered adultery, and the punishment she would face for doing so (or attempting to escape from her marriage) was to face a savage form of capital punishment where she would be stoned to death. It wasn’t only impoverished peasant women who suffered under this system, women in nobility and royalty were also married off against their will, often with men who they were closely related to. All for the sake of keeping the power for the men in the establishment.

Fortunately with the rise of feminism, free thinking, body-positivity, and the sexual revolution the system started to change, although the values of the old system still remain embedded within our culture, only to a somewhat lesser degree than before. It is important to note that I am by no means blaming men as a whole for our societal’s failings, indeed for I am a man myself. I am only blaming the wealthy old white men at the top who want to keep the old system in place by passing on their harmful values onto their successors every generation to help ensure their power. Furthermore, aside from the exception of radical feminists (aka “feminazis”), the vast majority of feminists do not hate men (I happen to be a male feminist myself) and wish to create an egalitarian culture where both genders are respected and neither tries to dictate the other.

Though as the upcoming election proves, there is still a gargantuan amount of work to go in achieving that ideal utopia. With the popularity of racist and misogynistic Presidential candidates such as Donald Trump, and the Christian-right’s holy war against Planned Parenthood, the old system will die hard. The only way we can end the war on women (and to a lesser extent, the war on men) is for all of us to unite and declare that we are proud of our bodies, that beauty comes in all varieties, and that our culture has no right to try and tell us otherwise. The people should influence the culture, not the culture influencing the people.

©-J. Adam Snyder

My Philosophy of Vegetarianism

“My Philosophy of Vegetarianism”-J. Adam Snyder

I am flirting with the idea of possibly becoming a vegetarian, not so much due to health reasons, but because of my own philosophical reasoning.

Entertain the following thought for me:

Tomorrow the world awakes to the arrival of an advance intelligent species, who like us are capable of free-thought, art, love, technology (far above our own), and creating societies. This newly advanced species is also capable of consuming either plants, fruits, and nuts to survive or consuming meat. Unfortunately the meat they only can consume is human flesh, and while they can survive by living solely on fruits and vegetables, the majority choose to instead eat humans who they see as little more than cattle.

  Would it be wrong if they started eating us? Eating our friends and loved ones? To them, no for we are only a food source. To us however, the obvious answer is an astute yes. We feel pain, we cry , we miss those who we had relationships with. We would consider it murder and we would definitely attempt to fight back against this new species despite the fact that they are far ahead of us in both mental and technical capacity, and their own culture has laws forbidding the killing of each other but such a law doesn’t apply to humans who are, once again, only livestock in their eyes.

While I do not believe that morality is always black and white, I don’t believe it is always grey either. Animals consume other animals because they have no choice, they are motivated purely by their base instincts. Humans however, much like the advanced species in the above scenario, have a choice when it comes to sustaining themselves. We can choose to do it by either violently inflicting pain upon those species that we deem to be lesser, or we can choose to do it by consuming the natural resources that nature gives us.

Yet by choosing to kill, are we truly any better than that advanced species? We would want them to choose vegetarianism, why do we assume that animals don’t wish the same from us? Perhaps that is what makes man different from the animals, we can choose, they cannot. I am by no means suggesting that those who choose to consume meat are bad people, nor am I suggesting that I will necessarily give up meat myself. I also take no issues with hunting provided that it is done purely for food and not for sport.

I am simply posing a moral question that I have created and been debating about in my head for quite some time. There is also some debate over health issues with vegetarianism for some individuals, particularly those with a high-metabolism such as myself. Some people seem to need more protein than others to be healthy, some people however do not and would benefit from becoming vegetarians. It appears I will have to continue to do more research into this matter, both in relation to personal nutrition and philosophy.

©-J. Adam Snyder

Dispelling Common Masonic Myths #1 – Accusations of Freemasonry being a Cult

“Dispelling Common Masonic Myths #1 – Accusations of Freemasonry being a Cult”– J. Adam Snyder

One of the most common attacks against Masonry from the Profane is the accusation that Freemasonry is a cult. Such an attack is not only ignorant, but also entirely baseless as The Craft is the furthest thing from being a cult of any sort.

To begin with, we must first define what a cult is. The dictionary uses these definitions:

1 -“a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.”

2 -“a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.””

3 – “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.”

Some synonyms associated with the term are church, sect, and denomination.

To attempt to slander Freemasonry as a cult is asinine as it does not fit any of the above definitions or synonyms. Cults in the contemporary sense are marked by having a dangerously fundamentalist group of religious people who are lead by a powerful charismatic figure and adhere to what he or she says without question. People within cults conform to strict dogma and group thinking, often at the cost of abuse. As such they share the same exact opinions and often shun the outside world.

i am a mason

Freemasonry does not have any “leaders” of any kind, nor does it have any “kings” for that matter (I’ve come across some anti-Masonic sources in the past that have made the claim that we do). All Brothers Meet on the Level, meaning that all are equal. No Brother is above or below another, a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason is not “higher” than a Master Mason in the Blue Lodge (which contains the first three degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason). The degrees are but a personal journey and do not entail any sort of authority over another Mason regardless.

Masonry also does not possess any dogmas or religious beliefs, as Freemasonry is not a Religion. Although a Mason is required to believe in God (a Supreme Being), the spiritual nature of that God is left up entirely to the individual Mason who is referred to in the Lodge as the Grand Architect of The Universe (Great Architect in some jurisdictions). Within the Lodge you will find Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans, Deists, and all other faiths united together for the purposes of Brotherhood, Charity, and Becoming Better Men. Certainly the complete opposite of a cult in which its members commit intellectual suicide (and often real suicide) and conform to the same belief system.

Furthermore religion, along with politics, are two topics forbidden from the Lodge. No theology is ever presented or pushed onto any Brother, no Brother is forced to accept any particular belief. The Craft is widely diverse and often attracts freethinkers of all of backgrounds, not exactly the type of crowd that is easily manipulated into a single train of thought.

While there still persists to this day many other ignorant beliefs regarding Freemasonry, this is among the most widespread myths that I as a Brother often come across (the others being Satan worship and Illuminati conspiracies). Hopefully those who are not Masons will read this with an open mind and listen to the voice of someone who is actually a Mason, instead of an ignorant person who is not.


©-J. Adam Snyder

The Poet and The Paramour

“The Poet and The Paramour”-J. Adam Snyder

I loved her, not in the way a high-school boy has an infatuation for an older woman, but in the way the soil loves the rain. She possessed such elegance and class, had cerulean eyes that soothed me like a cool ocean breeze and drowned me in their glistening chemistry. I would always get pulled into her endless blue-eyed trance like gravity, getting lost in a place where time had no meaning and my soul tasted a bit of divine fruit that made me feel so alive.

Her smile was beyond captivating, she always had a slight curve at the edges of her lips, always ready to give you a quick smile to brighten your day. Her kiss contained such a story; I could taste her passion and dreams, her hopes and fears, her splendor and sorrows. She had been hurt before, I read it by the way her lingering lips would quiver slightly after a burning kiss. She always called me “kid” and “young Shakespeare” as I was so young and would often write her poetry. I was but barely out of school when we met, she was about 38 if I recall. Carried herself with such confidence and prose, a walking symphony of bliss. Slender and had a nice curve to her backside, I much enjoyed caressing her body with poetry, and I much enjoyed making poetry to her. She possessed a vocabulary that was superior to most, and the way she spoke with the slight sultriness of her voice was a feast for the ears.

Often we would take long rides together, sometimes into the Oregon countryside and sometimes back to her place. Getting high off Marijuana, listening to country love songs on the late night radio and talking about how romance is blind but dangerous. She said she was too old for me, that I had my life ahead and shouldn’t be spending it being tied down to her. Always encouraging me to move to Hollywood to try to work as a writer or an actor, I was not interested in such endeavors, I was interested only in the constellations that were trapped in the roaring ocean of her eyes.

ArtScans CMYK

We would make love, not merely have sex but make passionate music with our bodies and our souls. Under the burning starlit sky, against the backdrop of the vast rolling hills and singing moon, I would take her to paradise. Her moaning and gasping to the rapturous orchestra of orgasms always made us both feel so alive, as if the angels of heaven had come down from the celestial and brought Eden to us. We spent so many long nights together, and would always watch the sunrise. How often did we witness dawn’s bleeding splendor? She would lay across my bare chest, her dyed blond hair blanketing my flesh. I always wondered why she felt the need to do such a thing, dye her hair, as her natural midnight black was always so beguiling, especially the way Lunar’s splendor kissed it.

One day however, our Eden got bunt down, and it was by her. She had been separated for quite sometime, and came to the West Coast to find herself. She told me she had decided to let me free from her cage, that it wasn’t right for her to taken such a young lover, and that she had decided to move back to New York to reunite with her husband. She did not love him she said, she told me that she truly loved me, but she wanted to be closer to her daughter and that was the only way she could do it.

Then, just like that, she left. Out of my life, and she took a piece of my heart with her. And ever since, I have been looking for that missing piece that she took away and devoured.

©-J. Adam Snyder

I Stand With Kesha

“I Stand With Kesha”-J. Adam Snyder

There is something wrong with our society when nobody takes the sexual assault of a person seriously, especially that of a pop star. While I am personally not a fan of Kesha’s music (oh sorry, I meant “Ke$ha”) as I find her lyrics to be rather mindless and overly auto-tuned, I am legitimately concerned for her and the possibility of other victims who may have also faced sexual assault in the music industry.

This is something we don’t often talk about, we see the mainstream music industry as being something glamorous. Yet it seems it has a dark side, and not just one where it fucks over Indie Artists. Nobody should ever be forced or coerced to perform sexual favors for the sake of their career, what happened to Kesha would never be allowed to just be swept under the rug in any other work place. However it appears the entertainment industry is unfortunately different, and because there’s countless amounts money involved justice does not seem to be so blind.

  Rape is wrong, rape is a crime, and rape is something we must stand up against and put an end to. Just because a corporate big shot at a major record label commits such a vile act does not exclude him from the consequences of his actions. He is guilty of an unspeakable crime, and he must face justice. A contract should not take power over human rights. We must not remain silent, we must all raise our voices and fight back, we must make noise and force them to hear us. Sexual assault has no place in any society, and it’s time that society remembers it.

stand with kesha©-J. Adam Snyder

The Spiritual Unity of The Craft

Although Freemasonry is not a religion, The Craft is readily practiced and accepted by men of all faiths without issue or contradiction.

The Christian will see The Craft representing Christ, the Jew will see The Craft representing Moses, the Muslim will see The Craft representing Muhammad, the Buddhist will see The Craft representing Siddartha Gautama, the Baha’i will see The Craft representing Bahá’u’lláh, the Wiccan will see The Craft representing The God and the Goddess, and the Hindu will see The Craft representing Krishna. All Masons, regardless of their spiritual background, can easily identify with the Widow’s Son and his obligation to protect the secrets of Solomon’s Temple at the cost of his life, as well as the sacred resurrection.


  What this entails is that The Craft is something far more profound than a religion, and originates from a time in lost antiquity from which all major faiths were practiced as one. It is therefore important to note that what is called Freemasonry is but the contemporary embodiment of The Craft, which has existed in secret throughout the ages under various names and practices.


©-J. Adam Snyder

Advice for Artists and their Success

“Advice for Artists and their Success”-J. Adam Snyder

The reason why many who want to be writers, actors, musicians, painters, and other artists fail at making it into a career is not due to lack of opportunity or because it’s unrealistic, but because they were never truly artists to begin with and were only interested in the romanticized ideal of having fame and fortune and not willing to actually put in the hard work or time to achieve a career in the arts.

It’s a long way to the top, and there is no elevator. I put in effort into my first book, and I’m working on a second. The problem with unsuccessful people is they only see the final result and take it at face value. They don’t see the work, the inspiration, the naysayers, the stress, the fakes, the time, the blood, the sweat, the tears, and they don’t want to see it because if they did, they would be successful as well.

jonny depp

  Consider this advice from someone who is successful and still growing: Find your passion, pursue it with the same desire one has for a moist nude woman who is bending over and begging you to enter her, and believe in yourself and your work more than your doubters, because trust me, they’ll be there. However after you achieve success those, doubters will become jealous of you, and that jealousy turns them into haters, and that’s when you know you’ve made it because every successful person has haters.

Success is the best revenge, trust me.

©-J. Adam Snyder

Forest of Ash

“Forest of Ash”-J.Adam Snyder
(Dedicated to the firefighters of the Pacific Northwest)

In the twilight mist
An owl takes her flight
Soaring above the mystic trees
In such terrifying fright

On the hunt for a new home she is
For the scorn of woodland fire has pervaded the tranquil Northwest
The deer flee one by one
As the hungry wolves chase behind in bold

owl fire

Smoke corrupts the air
Choking our lungs in its toxic snare
The sun weeps in bright red
Crying for the sky to be clear again

Courageous men and women who live to fight fires
Risk their physical being by dueling against the flaming monster
Water against Pyro, mist against heat
The rain must fall soon to finally slay this raging beast

©-J. Adam Snyder

To The Grave

​”To The Grave” – J. Adam Snyder 

Division and rage

Fallacies and hatred untamed

Agendas over truth

Claims without proof
Talking heads on the news
Screaming pundits pulling the noose

Self-inflicted deafness

Hearing only a ficticious message
In tribalism do we stand

United against our fellow man

Feminists murdering free speech

Christians worshipping at fascism’s feet
I say black lives matter

You say all lives matter

I say take a knee if you so please

You say burn them for being free
Equality for some

Justice for one

Love thy neighbor as thyself

Only if thy neighbor looks like yourself 
Manufactured poverty

The dead American dream

Unregulated capitalism 

Corporate tyranny and romantic greed
Pro birthers against healthcare 

Children dying without a prayer

Massacres and nature’s wrath

A presidential psychopath 
Divided we shall fall

Politics first and people last

Ignorance will stand tall

To the grave and for the past

 © – J. Adam Snyder

The Amnesia of Humanity

After the fall of the Roman Empire came the Dark Ages. During this period, half of the world lost the knowledge of how to write, keep time, create medicine, and how to build. Maps of the world became smaller, with distant lands in Asia, once previously mapped with trade routes, becoming myth and forgotten about.

The people saw the remains of Roman architecture; the aqueducts, roads, and temples, but had no explanation for how they got there. They had no historical knowledge of Roman history, believing that such a previously more advanced civilization was a fictional pagan invention. The Roman records they assumed were just crude drawings due to being illiterate.

As far as they believed, Europe was the only place in existence, Rome was just a fable, the more ancient advanced structures were explained away as just being an act of God or nature, and life was just beginning. It was as if humanity had suffered a sudden case of amnesia. We wouldn’t regain our previous knowledge until the Renaissance, brought upon by the fall of the Catholic Church and the expansion of free trade. It was then that Rome, Egypt, Greece, Babylon, and other ancient civilizations became accepted as historical fact, and their achievements utilized once again.

I often wonder if we still haven’t fully recovered from our amnesiac symptoms. We have various ancient structures, artifacts, and documents that depict evidence of something more advanced than modern academic circles would like to admit. Antikythera Mechanism (which is literally an analog computer), the Nazca Lines, Stonehenge, Tiwanacu and Puma Punku (pictured below), and countless other examples prove that human history isn’t so cut-and-dry like we would like to believe. There is also the story of Atlantis, which Plato recorded not as an allegory but as a historical documented event. The story of Atlantis did not originate in ancient Greece either, it originated in ancient Egypt as a factual account. It was then taught to Socrates, Plato’s teacher, who eventually relayed it to his students.

It is humanity’s Ego that prevents us from exploring these things further. We like to think of ourselves on a path of endless progression as a species, with our contemporary life being the most civilized and knowing. The thought that our ancestors from a lost period of history could possibly have known more about the world than we do today scares us. It would require us admitting that we don’t know as much as we would like to think we do, perhaps even that we are not as civilized as we would like to think.

The other issue is protecting one’s self-interest, which exists in all humans and professions. Academia no exception. People have spent their lives, money, and time on studying our history and have reached personal theories and conclusions regarding them. If their theories and conclusions were suddenly shown to be wrong, their careers would suffer greatly. Therefore they have a motivated self-interest not to investigate these matters, and to try and discredit any attempt at doing so.

By no means am I suggesting that current theories are necessarily wrong, only that they are rather disingenuous. When one observes the perfectly stone cut remains of Tiwanca, cuts so perfect that even our most advanced technology has difficulty replicating, or the profound detail of the Nazca Lines that can only be observed from an ariel viewpoint, it is dishonest to write them off with shallow explanations that have no supporting evidence, especially when all the existing evidence disproves those explanations. Even more so to treat such evidence as if it doesn’t exist as an excuse to not continue investigaton.

It’s okay to admit that we don’t have all the answers. It’s okay to accept that we might be wrong in what we believe. It’s okay to reconsider ourselves and ask if we, like our Dark Age ancestors, are still living with amnesia.

“Three things cannot remain hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – The Buddha

© – J. Adam Snyder

American Illusions 

​”American Illusions” – J.Adam Snyder 
When you draw your first breath

They’ve decided the rest 

Your religion, your nation

Telling you they know best
The school bell then rings

And they lock you away

Teach you to conform to the system

Until the moon burns the day
They point out your skin

How it’s different from his

Separating each other

With frivolous grins
Friendships are lost

You don’t understand why

They tell you not to question 

For they are all wise
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start
If you are bright

They despise you the most

For you are a threat 

To the lies they all boast
Your classmates will laugh

They will bully you down

For twelve fucking years

Until the final chime sounds
They’ll praise the dumb ones 

For chasing a ball

While the girls all reject you 

For not being popular or tall
They’ll sell you a cap and hand you a note

Telling you their game is far from closed

No time to breath, no time to cry

Off to college you’ll go, now fall back in line
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start
Away you are sent

Away you must fly

They’ll call you a loser

If you ask why
Go pick a career 

Go pick a mate

Party a little

But to class don’t be late
Listen to a lecture 

From within an ivory prison

By a professor 

With a Marxist mission
Drink until dawn

Fuck until noon

Study her body

For debt is the future you can look forward to
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start

You marry your lover

Have a few kids

The next generation

Of peasants and slaves
Out on the town 

With a degree

Only the bare minimum 

Is what you’re guranteed
If you fall ill

If you get hurt

They’ll leave you to die

Without insurance you’re worth dirt
Nowhere to go

They’ve always owned you

Only now you can see it

Like a damn fool
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start
Go fight their wars

They’ll tell you it’s the only way out

Now you’re killing others

On behalf of their political spout
They’ll promise you prosperity 

They’ll tell you it’s right

They’ll tell you not to think

And just carry on the good fight
If you survive 

If you abide 

They’ll send you back home 

To be homeless for life
Working til’ the day you bleed

Under the illusion that you are free

In desperation that you’ll reach

The American Dream 
They’ll say the view at the top

Is for those who work hard

But their game that you play

Was rigged right from the start
They’ve gutted the eyes 

From their thralls

Who think living blind

Is the greatest of all
They keep them subdued 

Through church, cars, and reality TV

Letting them vote

To think their lives have any meaning
They let them work

They let them consume

They let them think they have a chance 

To have a life beyond the tomb
Try to rebel

Stand up if you must

Just be prepared to take the bullet

Fired from the end of their gun
© – J.Adam Snyder